The Sequel Project

Hi!! So, I miss a few of my old characters and maybe I’m alone in this, but I do. I’m wondering what they’re up to and so I picked a few stories I felt needed to be revisited, BUT, I’d like you guys to help me choose THREE. I’ll be writing a sequel for all of those three and it will be fun! So, guys, use the poll below to tell me which one you’d like. And no, you can’t vote twice. You can however vote for more than one story, three actually. So tell me what you think! The polls will be open for only a limited time, so get voting!

If you’ve forgotten what the stories are about, you can read them again;

Everything Inside

Learning to Forget

Oga pepper

The Thing Worth Reciprocating

Smoke and Sound


In His Own Way


  • First of all, can I moan about how unfair it is to make us choose only three from this intensely beautiful stories? 🙁
    *sigh*…how in the world do I do that?
    But er, if I can get other readers like me to carry placards and go on a peaceful road protest for all of the stories, would you by any means change your mind?
    Say yes please! *puts on irresistible face*

    • Hahaa but where would the fun be then? 😉 CHOOSE!! ^_^

      • Ehen, I voted o, but i’m persuaded (and I think you should be too) that you should revisit 5 instead of 3 stories, so I took it upon myself to include two other stories you m̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶ revisit below 🙂

        Smoke and Sound
        In his own way.

        Thank you…

        • LMAOO!! Smh, thank you ma 🙂

  • i have to read the stories again to decide. ill be back

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