The feeling of being anchor-less

Drifting; with no connections to anyone. Alone.

And not for any reason our index fingers could be placed upon.

It isn’t for loss, it is loss; losing oneself.

Because when you are lost, in a place you do not yourself recognize, how can anyone come looking?

How can anyone find you?

You lose yourself like rocks become sand; slowly and then quickly. And then slowly.

The elements break you down, they tear you apart. They make you unrecognizable.

And when you do not know yourself, who can?

Your substance weakens, disappears. You become insignificant.

You are no longer to be climbed, discovered; you are stepped all over, as you struggle to keep pieces of yourself together.

And when the wind of change blows, you are tossed about.

Where are your roots and where is your home? And who are you?

And you will of course say “I have no idea”