What I've learned from playing "Subway Surfers"


Hiiii! It’s your girl here! You guys, as stale as I am about this, I’m ashamed to admit I might be addicted to “Subway Surfers”. I started playing this game like last week and I won’t say I can’t stop (I really can’t) but I just love it! The jumping over hurdles and on moving trains! Plus getting coins! And that magnet business, dear God. All things I do not (really cannot) do in real life. *sigh. After I spent over an hour at a go playing, I knew I had to come up with something I’ve learned. I mean if it teaches you something, it’s a justified addiction, no? Okay. So here goes;

Avoid illegal business : After I’d just started playing, all the panic and hypertension from the whole adventure business was a lot, considering the fact that I really am not that much of a gamer (NOT AT ALL). I found myself asking what these animated individuals had done to get themselves in such a high BP inducing situation and alas! It was illegal graffiti. People, please for your own peace of mind, say no to illegal things; against the government and against your conscience. Be pro anti high BP.

Sometimes you can’t have it all : One of the best parts about subway surfing has to be the coins. I personally am exhilarated when I acquire one (sad, I know) but it’s really exciting! However, I think most of those coins and other freebies like the magnet for example are placed in spots that have you endangering your “life” and sometimes even losing your “life” once you’ve got them. It just had me thinking “this is the thing with greed”. I personally believe that over-ambition is just a prettier way to say “greed”. I’m a firm believer in doing your very best, but I also believe that certain things can never and should never be compromised in our bid to achieve something of material value. So, think, “can I imagine a future without this material thing or would I rather have it and imagine a future without this other thing of high value that may not necessarily be material?”. Priorities. Personally, if I’m unsure of getting away with a certain trail of coins, I keep my life because it’s way more important. *shrug*

Try, Try again : When I first played this game, I died like after every twenty seconds. I persevered. Two reasons basically: I really like it! Secondly, who says I couldn’t learn it? Become a pro?. I’m still not a pro, trust me, but I last more than a good five minutes into the game now. What’s that called? Progress! Yes! Whatever means something to you, deserves that you try more than once. Life is about learning to deal with failure and getting up every single time. I’m a pro at that when I subway surf.

Sometimes, you need help : Shalla to all those who helped me raise my high score and skip missions when I was stuck in a rut! E can pain when you keep dying, trust me. A few kind people who I suspect wanted to show off their skills helped me beat old high scores and gain coins to buy important stuff like hover boards, skip missions and unlock new players. My point? Let people help you. . I’m so good at keeping my business to myself. I keep it all in until I’m drowning in my fears, but God has been good to me and I have people who are truly willing to listen and never make me feel like a bother. So, yes, let people help you!

Be Present: I always say this because it’s so important to not lose sight pf the value of NOW and what we have in this moment. It may not be perfect or what we want our life to be forever but if you look carefully, you’ll find the silver lining, trust me. I watched a lot of people play this game and half the time the reason they kept running (more like slamming) into obstacles is the fact that they (myself included) kept looking at the things ahead; coins, magnets, prizes and the like and they lost sight of the present and of course after losing your game life, you can’t exactly pursue anything ahead. You start all over.

Moderation is key : Addictions are not even a joke, especially when you have exams to study for, a messy room to clean and literature to consume. See how much of a time killer subway surfing is now? I know, I don’t see it either. Jokes. I’m not giving up the game just yet, I still need to unlock one or two more players to feel fulfillment, but I’m telling you guys, to do all things in moderation. Nothing is great anymore when it is done in excess.

I’m about to go wrangle my room into place now and maybe eat something. If you’re still wondering what subway surfers is :O , your last carrying is IMPECCABLE. I mean, AFOMA is more current than you :O, but no judgement at all. Download it NOW (android and iOS users) and get at me with your thoughts.. I have to know that someone got addicted too! I’d love to know what things playing games has taught you. Share!

Love, The greatest subway surfer EVER. 😀