Medic Talk 008- Overwhelmed

Hello lovely people!! It’s been forever and I offer my sincerest apologies. I’ve simply been busy, too busy. I’ve been trying to get my semester rounded up nicely and it has been no easy feat so far. Weekly exams (sometimes two in one week) lie ahead in this month of December and I’m both pumped and stressed. My body is definitely working overtime. But I’m here all the same to give y’all a few updates and to say I’m still alive and I haven’t forgotten about medic talk. I hope you guys have been enjoying the posts which have gone up in the past two weeks though.

So, first things first, I cut my hair. I thought I should get this out of the way. It’s been exactly two weeks since I did and I’m enjoying having a different look and getting in touch with what my natural curls feel like. The plan is to go natural. If you were wondering what I look like now, here’s a picture:


So, the past two weeks have been full of learning and studying and sleeping (winter is such a good sleep inducer). I’ve acquired a few new medical skills which I’ll have to show off in my therapy exam this Thursday. I have two exams this week, one next week, two next week and one more the week after. Suffice to say I’ll be very busy. Can I just say the thing I miss the most is just laying down, like not sleeping but that lie in you get after you wake up and you have no place to be? Yes, that. But I’m doing this thing where I’m not complaining as much (lies). I’ve developed back pain like my back is constantly aching. I cannot wait to be done with this semester so I can scour town for the perfect massage parlour.

These days, I’ve been writing a lot of poetry and I have no idea why. I apologize for how random this post is going to seem but I’m trying to give a coherent update and failing woefully because my brain honestly cannot reproduce everything I’ve done in the past two weeks in chronological order. I can however tell you that I have been doing okay, really. Life has been so out of my control lately and I’ve honestly just been going with the flow. I’m hoping the month runs by swiftly.

I’ve also been feeling extremely thankful lately, for life, love, family. For friends who make everyday brighter. For peace. For food and good health. For music and for poetry and prose which take us to places we can truly only imagine. I’m thankful for the gift of happiness, true happiness. It’s really not as commonplace as we’d like to believe. I’m thankful for memory, God knows I need it for school.

I promise a more “together” post when things settle down; when I can. Meanwhile, I hope everyone has been doing amazing. For those who’ve got exams, all the very best! And those who can afford to lie in, I envy you greatly.

Love, lie-ins and gratitude,
Afoma x