You have become accustomed to hearing what you deserve.

“You deserve the best!” “You deserve to be loved and adored”

You hear everyone’s version of what you deserve, and yet you cannot hear yours.

What do I deserve? Who am I that I have any right to such happiness?

What makes me special? Better than the next? Better than those who had to grow up orphans?

Who am I that I get to live another day?

What am I that my worst day is caused by failing a test?

And what blood runs through my veins that the worst illness I suffer is a cold?

You cannot understand why you deserve so much.

You cannot understand this because you do not.

Because His kindness is undeserved. Always.

But you can try to become more… deserving.

You can try to love more, remember that every single person is going through or has gone through something alone.

Something that has caused them to be different than you would like.

You can try to say nice things, to always encourage.

You can try to be thankful.

You will never be completely deserving, no matter what you say or do.

But you can be less… undeserving.