I Will…

I will not be pressured by the opinions or lifestyle of others; I will stay true to myself.

I will remember that ‘popularly accepted’ is not necessarily always right.

I will not lose sight of the most important things.

I will worry less, because many things aren’t as bad as I imagine them to be.

I will embrace my awkwardness because no one is perfect; because my quirks are me and mine.

I will dare to be different because “everyone else is taken”, because what is the point of my existence if I am simply like everyone else?

I will laugh more, because my laughter was created to be heard, even if by myself alone.

I will smile more… What better lines are there than smile and laugh lines?

I will remember my worth. I will remember that people who want me in their lives will always fight to keep me.

I will remember to stop. breathe. smile. repeat. I will remember that life is a gift, living is a privilege. I will remember to LIVE.

I will continue to “bleed on paper”. To write about everything.

I will say “I love you” to all those whom I love.

Write down all the things you always want to remember. It’s a great reminder of what’s important. x