Medic Talk 007- Doing The "Impossible"

medic talk

Hellurrrr!! How is everyone doing? I hope y’all had a great week this past week. I did. My week was quite packed and sad to say the coming week will be even more packed, but issokay, we’ll live. The thing about having a busy week for me is that I tend to forget what happened; the days fall into each other and I literally cannot tell where each one ends and where the other begins so I’ll try to give you important highlights of the week. I passed the first part of my Topographic Anatomy exam so I’m literally one step away from being rid of that course and I’m so thankful for how miraculous my exam was. I can’t even explain the tension level. This medical school is bad for my blood pressure. I still don’t know my scores for my pharmacology test. I also had a migraine from Wednesday morning until Saturday evening. I can’t even deal.

We spent the earlier part of the week cramming pharmacology and drug names for different purposes and sometimes I just stop and ask myself “is this my life?” *sigh. Homegirl Ivomah was asking “Can we skip all this and get married?”. I was ready to enter the weekend with the same gra gra but body was just like “Nah, gurll”. Thank God for my friends who have been insistent on trying to make me relax and basically try to get a life outside my room and books. I mean I’m still 70% hermit but at least now I’m motivated to be better. As a side note, my friends actually say “don’t blog about this o” before they start to dissect some issues with me and I’m just like :O I do not blog about EVERYTHING! I still think they’re lowkey begging me to blog about them *side eye*

This weekend has been so special for me as I’ve spent a great deal of time virtually with people I love and around so much positive energy. I learned ONE thing that I can actually remember this week, something that I will ensure stays with me forever. Okay I want to write it in one sentence but my point begs to differ, it wants a paragraph. Now, many people live their lives according to different principles and a large percentage of the world lives according to cultures and traditions and whatever pleases them, however if you choose to live according to God’s standards, do that and remember that choice always. Also, remember that you alone decide what is impossible for you and the world is going to tell you generally that this or that can never be done or is impossible because they’ve either never done it or seen it done. Remember, you’re you, there isn’t another you on the planet. Do not let anyone tell you that something is impossible simply because they cannot do it. Trust God and put in your best and everything is possible.

Seeing as I have written a measly update this week, I have decided to show you guys one of the many “tension effects” VIDEOS I made this week! Eeek! Anyway, you get to see everyone in action (duh). It’s not that exciting, just us discussing how nervous we are about pharmacology and showing obvious effects of adrenaline. I have two cumulatives and the final part of my Topographic Anatomy module to tackle this week. In the meantime, I’m off to eat chicken. Have a great week ahead, lovely people!


Love, Trust and Chicken, Afoma xx