Medic Talk 006- Twitter Detox

HEYYYYY! I’m so excited to be back! I know I missed just a week but it’s felt like agesss. How’s everyone been? I’d like to say hi to all the new blog followers, it’s great to have y’all here with us and to the old ones who’ve been catching up with old posts during my online absence, it’s nice to have you back. It’s been two weeks! I almost wanted to do two different posts about the previous week and this week but I just thought “nah”. The past two weeks have been like night and day, literally. The week before this past one was just hellacious for me in every possible way. I just felt so lost and unfortunate because it seemed like nothing was working out right and I had to keep reminding myself that this indeed is how life works; it’s a continuous roller-coaster. However, I do remember that the highlight for me last week had to have been Friday when my surgery teacher took us for his post-op rounds and LET US CHANGE THE DRESSINGS! Oh Lord! It was ah-mazing. I felt like a proper doctor, cleaning wounds, draining pus, replacing bandages. I have such a renewed appreciation for people and doctors and nurses and good health. I’m grateful.

Last week, I discovered or I felt like part of the reason for my feeling off-my-centre may be because I was losing touch with myself and the things that are most important. I’ve been neck-deep in so many unnecessary things, of which social networking, Twitter specifically has been in the forefront. When I mentioned this to a friend of mine, he said I hardly ever tweet and while this is not exactly accurate, it is somewhat true. I’m an observer. I read everything or at least 95 percent of my timeline and I’m aware of what nearly 450 people are doing at every instant. I’ve already mentioned in my post about Twitter how much of an information whore/”aproko” I am, so yes, I enjoy it but I discovered that I was losing touch with ME. It was becoming too much of an escape from my own life. I was starting to adopt silly opinions and practices and even expressions; things that I neither believe in nor should appreciate. I was beginning to compare my life to the 140 character descriptions of other people’s life which half the time are edited or one-sided so to speak. I was disgusted by the fact that I spent the first few  fifteen minutes awake going through the online happenings of the past three hours or so, ensuring I missed nothing. I hated the fact that more important morning duties took second place. So, I took a week (five days) off Twitter completely. For me, the issue wasn’t tweeting, it was reading tweets. I deleted the app off of my phone and I spent class breaks actually talking to my friends without having one eye on my phone.

As cliche as it might sound, it was the best five days I’ve had in forever and I think once in a few months, I’ll do it again. I got more work done (duh), I did all the important things like reading my bible for example, I wrote some stuff which I am yet to share, I dealt with my problems as opposed to escaping them, I found myself again. I also realized that I have made some real friends on there and I missed them. I have found other ways to stay in touch with them outside Twitter and I think that’s definitely been an important step in bringing more positivity and light to my life. I am back on Twitter, but I don’t feel tied to it anymore. I occasionally forget about it’s existence for many hours at a go which might be from all those times I checked my phone and discovered it wasn’t there. It’s important to realize that an overly active online presence means the absence of a real life presence. So, balance. Things have been readjusted for me and every part of my life has received its own priority ticket. I also took a break from Tumblr and from this blog, as you may have noticed. Five days isn’t that long, really but it was enough to let me find my bearings and make the right adjustments.

This week kicked off with my exam on bacterial microbiology (which I passed, yay) and a muscle shattering gym class which made me keenly aware of my triceps and serratus anterior muscles (sorry, you have to google). And I had cake this week as well; figured I deserved a treat for “finding myself” again. I also have found so many amazing writers this week online and have some time acquainting myself with their work. Let’s say this week, my literary self did some assertion and I couldn’t be happier. I have a pharmacology cumulative test (ughh) and final exams on Topographical Anatomy this week so I’ll be studying the weekend away. Also, we start virology this week and I’m excited (mostly because it’s the only part of my microbiology course left). There’s been surprisingly great blog traffic this week, seeing as I’ve been such a bad blogger with no posts this week and I’m thankful to all the lovely people who spread the word on the interwebs. Thank you. It’s inspiring when people give you feedback about your work and I’ve gotten so much great feedback this week and I’m just elated.

In summary, remember what’s important, don’t compare your life with others’ because really, everyone appears to have a perfect life on the internet. No one enjoys washing their dirty linens in public, so do you. And remember to eat cake as you do. There’s something frighteningly good about cake or maybe Rachael’s cakes are just special or maybe I’ a cake-a-holic now. *sigh. There will be post(s) this week, hopefully. If everything goes great, maybe even a short story. I’m hoping I have a week just as great (or better) this week. AND a few photos from this week;

A fun little game ;)- Test your “ehen-ing”
I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing mismatched socks (I really like it!)
A mini-shoot with some of my loves

Wishing everyone a great weekend with lots of food and sleep! (which I won’t be getting).

Love, cake and free food, Afoma xx