Sometimes, I think life and irony are synonymous because there’s so much of one in the other.

The wanting to “live” it up so much and just driving yourself to death.

The not liking all you are and what you have and simply loving everything someone else is or has.

It’s in the fact that we all want to be happy but we really don’t like to give; we think getting, taking, having it all is the way.

It’s in our inability to enjoy the journey because we cannot wait to arrive.

It’s in trying to accomplish and feel accomplished without any challenges.

It’s in always seeking the easier route. How can we enjoy the joys without blood, sweat and tears?

It’s in being immensely selfish and expecting the universe to give to us. Expecting the world to be selfless. But, we are the world.

It’s in our self loathing whilst we expect others to love us.

The irony of life is having it all and not appreciating the Giver. It’s only remembering Him when life takes it all away.

Irony is saying we love someone and burning with envy when something good happens to them.

Irony is the beauty of the dying leaves in autumn.

Do you see why life is ironical?