Medic Talk 004- Live Right.

medic talk

Hellurrrr! Guess who’s in a great mood and posting early this week? I’ve had so much sleep, I feel drugged, but I truly, truly was sleep deprived for the first part of this week, it was insane. I kept dozing off during my pathology test (which was brutal, by the way- this stuff doesn’t get easier). Ha! I had to get myself in bed, forget food and everything for a while and just sleep and I can proudly say that I must have had about 14 hours of sleep and I’m just like;

gloryBut, that’s not all that happened this week. This week was simultaneously one of the best and really sad as well. First, I found out that I did quite well in all the tests and exams from the week before and I couldn’t be more thankful. But then on Tuesday, I found out that a former classmate of mine had been killed in Cyprus last month in a car accident. For more details you can just google “Nigerian student killed in Cyprus”. It’s made the news because his family is not happy about the fact that the driver of the car was drunk and was released three days after the accident plus the fact that the Nigerian Embassy in Cyprus did nothing, like they did not even recognize the fact that a citizen of theirs was killed in another country, but that’s just Nigeria. Anyway, just telling the story depresses me. We never realize how easily life can leave us, like flame from a candle, until it happens to someone we know. God forbid that any of us lose people dear and near to us. However, it had me thinking that if leaving and returning home everyday safely is a miracle, shouldn’t we make sure that we’re living right every single day? Living right; according to God’s standards or at least trying to because I do not believe that this life is all there is.

Wednesday was mostly really funny. I’ll tell you guys about the individual that is my Pharmacology teacher. I’ve never met a more serious man. He is sooo hard to please! He says “name all the reversibly acting anticholinesterase drugs” and by all, he means all. Leave nothing out and you have to explain things the way he has them in his head, otherwise he goes “hmm, well, approximately correct answer, but…” and I’m just like “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME???” This week, he started saying that when we list the drugs, we have to list them in order of most used by actual pharmacists and doctors and I’m just thinking “HOW am I supposed to know what you people use??” Then he says, if the first drug you write on your list isn’t the one used most often, you fail the entire question even if the correct answer is still on the list. I can’t even deal. He says it’s because we should always choose what’s best for the patient. Err, I just started this course. Cut me some slack, will you? I was blessed enough to get a photo of him literally squatting just to keep writing on the board (WHO DOES THAT? No, WHAT ADULT DOES THAT??)

peep the mad scientist handwriting

Oooh on Friday, my friend Teni decided he wanted to take photos of our group and so we did a few shots. It was a nice way to start Friday and end the week. We took the photos in the hospital where we take surgery classes and all the surgeons and doctors there didn’t seem bothered by it at all, thank God. I slept most of Friday away, to be honest, but at least, I got up early enough this Saturday to get this post ready for you guys and that makes me very happy. I’m so thankful to everyone for all the nice things they say about the blog and medic talk and everything. You guys are the bestest. Some of the photos;

grp mee ii

I plan to sleep some more, eat a lot and do a bit of studying this weekend. I’ve only got one major test on Friday next week, so I get more rest this weekend. Did someone say “finally!” or was that just me? Ohh, some fun updates! The Fault In Our Stars movie FINISHED SHOOTING!! It’ll be out next yearrrr. I’m so excited! AND, for students of my university, we are officially now a member of the European Medical Students Association (EMSA) and for more information on how to join the Donestk chapter, please click here. My friend Jennifer who is very unimpressed by my degree of pessimism has suggested that I try a detox course and maybe blog about it. She wants me to do 30 days of Optimism. I doubt I can even do that, but I’m willing to try. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll start or how I’ll do it, but I’m thinking of it.

That’s about it for this week, guys. Shout out to T.A photography for the new Medic Talk Image! Enjoy your weekend, live right and be happy xx