Medic Talk 003- Cake, Cake, Cake.

Hello beautiful people! How’s it going? I know, I’m late this week again but Sunday mornings seem to be the most convenient time to write these posts, plus I have been overwhelmingly lazy since Friday and I think that’s just my brain and body saying “sistuh, please chill”. Can I just take a moment to thank God for the fact that I survived this week? I really don’t know how it happened, but so much stuff worked out great this week and all the tests and exams I wrote are hopefully done and dusted. There was so much sleep deprivation between Monday and Wednesday and I’m almost sure I lost weight this week alone.

This past Monday, I did something. I bought myself a cake. Not a cupcake, like a full, actual, proper cake for the simple reason that I am awesome and I deserve cake. Okay, not to sound narcissistic, but we deserve treats from time to time and if you want a cake and you can afford to get one, then by all means buy yourself cake because let’s face it, you’re worth more than cake.

photo (1)
I couldn’t wait to take a picture. Call me Miss Cake.

And if cake isn’t your preference, then do something else for yourself. I’m learning that we should make ourselves feel just as special as we are. On Monday, I learned first hand that we shouldn’t judge people’s choices or reactions until you know their struggles or you’ve experienced the exact same things. It can be difficult to watch people take a different route than you would or do things you wouldn’t do without being just a little judgmental and feeling self-righteous, but, while you do not have to be in love with a person’s choices, it feels really nice to not judge and just do you. It feels good for you and the other person.

You know how I always think I love words and I’m so in control of my vocabulary and all that lexicon maestro stuff? Well, that’s what I thought before I met medicine. It’s so frustrating when you have to stop every ten minutes to check what “tissue consolidation” or “induration” is and teachers think you’re them! They’ll ask random questions from their decade old-post- medschool- already practicing-memory and expect you to know what every word in the text book means. And why say “furuncle” when you can just say “boil”?? Pshh. Anyway, the tension in medical school is so real ehn. You’ll just be nervous every time, praying they don’t call your name for that part of the text you didn’t study well. But then, thank God for the few teachers and group mates who lighten up the atmosphere. This happened on Thursday:

Patho Teacher: Giftson, tell us about hemorrhages.

Giftson: Hemorrhage is…  Shit!

Patho Teacher: 😮 What??


My Patho teacher has to be a favorite. If he asks you to mention types of dystrophy, for example, and you go “we have,..”, he says “fortunately, we haven’t”. He calls every pathological process beautiful and he’ll say “Afoma, please explain the beautiful process of necrosis”. He cracks me up every time and I’m thankful for teachers like him.

I’m slowly realizing that physical power is necessary in medicine and I’m simply petrified cos y’all, I’m not the most physically able individual in the world. You need to stand for hours in surgery, you need to hold your hands up for what seems like ages when you’re percussing a very tall somebody. I can’t even explain. Oooh and we started auscultation! Like I officially used my stethoscope this past week. I still don’t have a name for her yet, but we’re working on something and I’ll be sure to let y’all know. In case you’d like to meet her;

photo (2)And! Mother nature got herself under control and there’s been so much sunshine and all the leaves are in this beautiful yellow and red stage that’s so pretty and just almost glows in the sun. I’m in love with autumn. Apparently it will be mostly rains this week, but I’m enjoying the last bit of sunshine this morning. Just look at God’s handwork;


You guys, my appreciation for time has just gotten to another level. I’m almost annoyed when I see people wasting theirs. I have such little time and I’m trying to make sure everything and everyone who gets a chunk is worth it. So, ladies and gentlemen, use your time wisely, guard it fiercely. Don’t waste time doing anything or talking to anyone who doesn’t make you smile. Period. I have some special friends and I’ve learned that friends, true friends understand when your schedule is unbearable and they don’t hold it against you. True friends make life easier; it’s what God gives them to you for.

Is it weird that writing here totally boosts my mood? No? I also had a post up this week! Something that wasn’t Medic Talk! I feel so proud of myself y’all. Thanks for all the love and support and to all those who have been nominating me for the Nigerian Blog Awards. If you haven’t done so already, GO NOW! Nomination ends at midnight! Nominate for best student blog, best book, writing or poetry and best personal blog. It will only take a few minutes, guys. Right here, guys.

I’m sorry if this post is slightly all over the place, my head is a bit all over the place. I have another pathology cumulative and a cumulative in therapy as well. Just when I thought I could be a ‘weist’ this weekend. Oh well, I’m off to be productive today. I was tempted to order another cake today, but mans needs to have a bit of self control. Another lesson, guys draw the line between “treating yourself” and just being a glutton! Self control is key. I shall now proceed to leave you with a picture of me, just because.


Love, peace and cake, Afoma.