Medic Talk 002

*waves sheepishly*

Hi guys! It’s been over a week! Yeah, I know. I had the most exhausting Saturday. I was so busy! I had to run up and down around town and get some stuff for the winter which has seemed rapidly approaching this past week. I spent part of my Saturday eating free food at my cousin’s (shalla to you gurl!). By the way, this is for all my friends; I’m always available if you need to offer free food. Okay, moving on, it’s looking like a long post guys because I have so much to tell/share with you guys. I’ll start as the beginning, as I always do.

On Mondays, my group and my “peeps” (my friend Jennifer’s newly coined word for sister group; the group we learn with most times) have gym class where we run around, do aerobics, lift weights, do sit ups and push ups and all that lovely stuff and after every sport class y’all, I’m sure my six pack is growing. I still cannot do ONE push up to save my life and it’s a problem. Are there any other persons who cannot do push ups? Please holler in the comments, don’t let a sister feel alone. Starting the first of this month, the prices of public transportation have been jacked and it is heartbreaking even though it doesn’t seem like much a difference. I just feel like it’s a plot against my bank account. But what can a little brown girl do?

Remember what I said about putting up pictures of group mates? Well, I did something even better! I conducted a sort of survey and not everyone in my group was asked, mostly because I forgot to ask some others who weren’t there at the time. I recorded their answers to the question;

what have you had to give up since third year started?

Here are the responses I got and pictures! (with their permissions, of course) 😀

Jennifer: Nothing. I’ve not given up anything. I can’t give up anything. What would I give up? They’re all together to make me happy.


Everyone: (gasp) you still do your make up? You still sleep as usual? You still watch movies? You still cook as much?

Jennifer: YES!


Ruth: I think the number of TV shows I watch in a week; that’s all. I now eat breakfast everyday. I can’t leave home without eating.


Everyone: (laughter)

Yinka: I’ve given up listening to music in school. I can’t even remember the last time I picked up my earphones.


Jennifer: Yess, it’s true!

(Really, girl? you’ve given up nothing? -__-)

Muna: Sleep and cooking.


Anu: Mine is basically sleep. I hardly sleep in the afternoon anymore.


Dolapo: Playing games and taking pictures (FYI, She loves pictures more than I do!) Watching movies. A lot!


Lamide: Sleeping, cooking, watching movies; but I still do o, just not as much as before.


Ivomah: (remember “Becoming Human” ;)): My make up! Its has been… very painful. And my sleep.


Giftson: Seriously, I’ve given up flexing! I don’t even have time for myself.


Everyone: Awww!

Recording ends with everyone trying to convince madam Jennifer that she has to have given up something!

Me? I feel like I’ve given up so much and I refuse to give up blogging! It’s my happy space and I just love you guys. Like now, see I haven’t watched the season premiere of Scandal till now and I don’t think I’ll be watching till next week and then there’ll be TWO episodes waiting. All I watch are YouTube videos and Grey’s anatomy (I convinced myself it helps with school). Oh and food is here to stay too! 😀

The best thing about this week would have to be the fact that Nigerians were given a free pass on Tuesday by the university because it was Independence Day. 😀 I was home… studying. *insert long sigh*

I had another cumulative test this week in Pharmacology and it was, well.. alright. I’m almost sure I won’t fail. And then! *drum roll* I got my Pathology scores *dances makossa* I PASSED y’all!! I’m really happy about it and just so grateful to God because I most definitely didn’t do it on my own. Also, this week, we started to learn the beautiful art of percussion and I’ve really found it so fascinating how different organs in the body sound differently when tapped in normal state and during disease. Medicine is amazing, you guys. Truly.

I learned a couple of lessons the past week as I stressed and studied and prayed and tweeted my way through the week. I thought I’d share;

Everyone is different… And that’s okay: I’ve always heard the ‘people are different’ line but I think there’s no better way to discover this on your own than being out of your home and with people you weren’t raised with. Everyone is so different and once in a while, we find people you think just the way we do and approach situations similarly and that’s a special brand of beautiful. However, I believe that it is extraordinary and wonderful to be friends and accept the fact that you’ll never be exactly the same; opinions, approach to life’s issues and stuff even if you should share similar core values to be able to “stand each other”. I’ve only recently gotten to understand the beauty in the phrase “agree to disagree“. Agree that you don’t have the same opinions and respect each other. My problem a lot of the time is wanting to have the last say, have my opinion be accepted because I equated “acceptance” of my opinion to “respect” of my opinion. Now, I realize that it’s okay that you don’t agree with me. Just respect my beliefs, principle and opinions and I’ll do same.

You can’t always win: Guys! Medical school is so humbling. You study for over six hours and you fail a test because you studied 20 out of 25 pages and the school thinks those last five pages were the most important. Err.. why didn’t you just tell me to study only those pages???! It can be upsetting and depressing especially if you don’t simply want to pass; if you want to pass well by your own standards. I’m learning from one of my occasionally  ponderous group mates that “tests don’t define your knowledge level, but really just what you remember under pressure”. My dad says that sometimes life reminds you that you’re human. It was so simple and yet so true. So I embrace my humanity. I embrace the fact that I can’t do it all, perfectly and that I’ll make mistakes and it’s okay as long as I’m doing my best. I’m so hard on myself most of the time and I’m learning to not “harass myself” (my dad has the best lines, you guys!). It’s a work in progress as I seemingly am conditioned to do that.

I was in the Operating Room this past Friday for the first time ever! Scrubbed in and all that Grey’s Anatomy stuff. So exciting! Of course as a poser, I took a few photos.


My group mates are posers too..


I have two more cumulative tests and two actual exams this week. I need a miracle, you guys, lots of caffeine and prayer. How’s everyone doing? Did y’all have a good week? Learn anything? Please share! 😉 Thanks for all the love and support. You guys are the greatest! Don’t forget to keep voting the blog for the Nigerian Blog Awards. See this post for details on how to. I shall now proceed to study until my brain begs for mercy.

Have a fabulous week ahead and try to win what you can! xx

Love, Afoma.

PS: I realized I’m starting to act Yoruba, exclamations and all. Peep the small Yoruba speaking community in my group. God will help me.