Medic Talk 001

Heyy guys! How are you guys doing? I hope everyone had a great week. I’ve been trying to do this thing where I don’t complain. Like when someone says “how was your week?”, I want to smile and say “oh, it was alright” but then afterwards, a voice in my head goes “LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!” Really. So I won’t lie to you guys. My week was looooong (as usual) and hectic and exhausting, both physically, mentally and emotionally. You know when you remember something that seemed to have happened three months ago and you realized it happened just that week? Yeah, I had this feeling the whole week. I’ll give you guys a rundown.

Technically, the week started on Sunday when I realized that I might be fully contracting “Doctor’s handwriting syndrome”. I couldn’t read my handwriting. My OWN handwriting guys! I was completing a case report and I couldn’t remember what I had written. I finally figured it out (at least I think I did). This Monday, a lot of my friends seemed sleep-intoxicated! It was like witnessing people experiencing a sugar rush, which of course had worn out by Wednesday. I told my groupmates about the Medic Talk idea and I asked them how they would feel about having their photos and names on an intro blog post and a lot of them didn’t mind. Maybe I’ll do that just so if I decide to mention names, you’ll have an idea of what they look like. Of course I’ll do that when my laziness takes a break.

I ran after so many buses this week! OMG! It was like no one wanted me on their bus 🙁 I felt like Usain Bolt in training. I overslept a couple of times this week but nothing as dramatic as last week, thank God. On Tuesday evening, your girl decided to take a short nap for a couple of hours. I went to bed at about 7pm and guess when I woke up? *drum roll* 3am! 😮 I’m sure I checked the time more than five times. I couldn’t even believe it! But then I had to make all the time left count. After I’d studied something I’d usually study in four hours in two, I realized once again, that we don’t really know our capabilities until we’ve been pushed to the wall. 

Ohhhh. I ate so much this week! Everyone in my class probably thinks I’m a glutton now. I discovered the art of packing brunch to school and I always have something to munch on in class. It’s lovely! And it saves money. I eat breakfast at home and then eat brunch in school. And still have lunch in school and an early dinner at home. I really don’t have a food problem but I just feel like my problems shrink when I eat. I mean who can think of problems when their taste buds are being titillated? Well, not me. Classes this week were so exciting! I really like the fact that I’m starting to study the clinical parts of medicine. I learned to give intravenous injections! (yay!) I’ve also learned to palpate lymph nodes! I’m just so excited and happy that I’m doing this. It’s so interesting and I think it’s great to potentially be a source of relief to sick people; that’s the goal.

Alas! This week’s highlight definitely has to be my Pathology cumulative test. I’ll explain. We’ve been doing pathology for like a month now, weekly oral tests and class discussions and microscopy and stuff and the department decides that it’s best to keep all the written tests till four weeks have passed and all four topics and pathologies and morphological appearances have intertwined like earphones in your pocket inside your brain. Anyway, they’re in charge, what can we do? I studied sha until my head was spinning, until my brain cells were ready for a vacation and then I prayed because I obviously still didn’t feel confident enough and then I proceeded to write the truly confusing exam. I feel relieved to have written it, however, I’m simply hoping for the best. I get my score next week and then we’ll know.

I’ve also been feeling disconnected from a lot of friends and I can’t really help it because my schedule is so tight right now. I’ve never in my entire life been this busy and I’m trying to give this year my best plus I’m really really sleep deprived/exhausted most of the time. This week, a friend of mine reminded me why. She said that anything worth doing is worth doing well. It’s encouraging because sometimes we compare ourselves to people who may be working harder than or not as hard as we are, but like I always say, doing it well means to the best of your ability. Tumblr is also so inspiring and I try to go on there at least every other day. So many great quotes and reminder. It helps to also stay close to God even if that also takes time. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize.

Up until now, I’ve been debating on whether to give special titles to every medic talk post and I still don’t know, so I’ll wing it; title which ever ones I can and let the others be. I’m trying to get posts out this week. Fingers crossed, there’ll be a short story this week. You guys, I’m so scared I’ll forget how to write! 🙁 I was improving so much and now I haven’t written anything other than this post this week! I have thoughts but I’m so forgetful about things unrelated to school work nowadays. I’ll try to get something out this week. Y’all keep me trying. Thank you.


Annnnd! One more thing. So… The Nigerian Blog Awards is coming up and I decided to try this year, for the fun of it and maybe to get more blog readers (publicity?) I don’t know how much of a chance I even stand but I’d appreciate it if you could nominate me for “Best Student Blog”, “Best Personal Blog” and “Best Book, Poetry or Writing Blog”. You can nominate me ( for any other categories you like as well. Nominate here. NOMINATION CLOSES OCTOBER 13th guys! So, try!

Sorry for the extra long post, I’ve kinda missed being here *insert sigh*. Take care guys! And be productive and happy and all that good stuff! And eat xxx

Love, Afoma.

PS: I’d like to thank Joy  and Ayeesha for their Liebster nominations. I keep forgetting to do this. Thank you, girls! xx Check out their blogs guys!