Something New: Medic Talk


Sooo… How’s everyone doing? I feel like I haven’t been here in agess. I’m trying to get something out at least once a week. But the amazing thing is that so many new people have discovered this blog recently and they go through archives and stuff and that’s just really amazing and encouraging and what not. I’ve had a loong week, but that’s like the norm now anyway. Everyday except Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Well, I was i the shower sometime this past week and of course an idea came to me. Since I obviously cannot think of anything other than school, how about I do something similar to Kemi’s med diaries? Talk about school stuff, complain, give funny gist and stuff about school. I’ve decided to try it. My group mates are so hilarious and I wish everyone could see what goes on in class. They make school easier and very entertaining and we have the best philosophical discussions about sleep, food, diseases and music.

So, medic talk starts next week. Get excited people! I am! Hopefully it’ll be really fun! I’ll give you an example of stuff you’ll read in my medic talk posts:

Last Tuesday, I had an 8am class and a test as well, so home girl was up studying all night but I decided to take a cheeky nap at 5am. I mean I was sure I’d be up 7am tops. I woke up at 7:45am! Shout out to my friend Desire, whose phone call woke me up (I had set about four alarms by the way). Now, I had fifteen minutes to get to school and I had not even showered. Have I already mentioned that my house is about twenty minutes away from school by bus? No? Okay. At times like that, you sit for a minute and think of your life like;


After I had done that, I did some Guiness Book of Records swag stuff. Showered in five minutes, called a cab, got dressed, ditched the make up and literally ran out holding my everything (scarf, jacket, books, handbag) in my hands. Made it ten minutes or fifteen minutes late, but arrived before the teacher so it was all cool. Of course, I gave a testimony to my group mates. 😀 If you’re wondering what the punctuality fuss is about, here in Ukraine, teachers dismiss you if you’re even five minutes late and then you still have to re-do the class over the weekend after the dean has signed a permit to let you do that. People, where is the time for all that???

So, yeah. I really hope everyone likes this idea. Plus, it will give you a better idea what life’s like for me. There’ll still be stories and poetry and articles but this just guarantees (sort of) that there’ll be at least one post every week. I’m trying to sell this idea people, please buy it.

Have a great week y’all! xx