Be Patient With Her

Time doesn’t stop often. She works overtime; she overworks herself.

But then, there are times when she takes a break. It never is for long, just a day or less, which feels like forever.

Time slows down; her burnout gradual. Her energy fails her as we begin to become impatient with her.

We want her to hurry. To do her job. To run, fly, walk; anything but this all this crawling.

We need to get to that weekend, go on that date, start that holiday, take that nap, eat that meal.

So many demands, needs, while she labors to make her rounds.

And when she’s burned out, we fret, we fuss, we watch her; scrutinize her work, our eyes heavy on her sweaty back.

When time slows own, we think of all the things we need to heal by her passing, all the people we miss. We crave the future.

We forget that sometimes time tires, sometimes she needs us to be patient with her.