A Teeny Weeny Update

Hi guys! I know, I know, it’s been a while. I haven’t forgotten y’all. Life has been busy. School registration, getting settled in Ukraine, fixing up my flat, unpacking (which I find hellacious) and finally, actual school! I’m in my third year of medical school (time flies, yeah?) and I’ll be writing my first professional exams this year, well technically next spring, but you get. My time table is brutal and so while I might have ideas randomly pop into my head about stuff to write, I honestly may not often have time to type. For example, I’ve wanted to write this post since like Tuesday last week or so, but things kept happening from being busy with school to the strange thunder (yes, thunder) that left me without internet connection for an entire weekend. Basically, the most important thing I’ve learned this past week is that life happens and for our own happiness and peace of mind, we need to just roll with it and not worry so much. I’m also learning to trust God and my gut a lot more.

Basically, this post is to say, yes, I’m alive and already roasting in school well. And that yes, there’ll be longer intervals between posts nowadays, sadly. I’d like to say “I’m going on a 9 month hiatus”, it even sounds cooler, but I couldn’t possibly stay away or not write and if I write, 98 percent of the time, I’d want to share with all you beautiful people on here. I need to prioritize and if I want good results, I need to put in the work. I don’t really do well with regrets.

I’m wishing everyone a great school year/work year/stay-at-home year/gap year or whatever it is you’re doing this year and I pray the Almighty rewards our hard work.

Love. Afoma.