What is this feeling that creeps up on you? That makes you “feel”?

You feel it in the pit of your stomach, in the tingling of your nerves.

It’s in the wobbling of knees, the thudding of hearts.

This feeling is not “just a feeling”.

It’s your soul welcoming another’s essence, your heart in sync with another’s cardiac cycle.

Your blood warming for another’s, from another’s.

Your smile radiant for another’s.

Loving makes you feel everything;

The pain of your beloved, their disappointments.

Your lover’s exhilaration; their joys.

The fear for his own life becomes yours to share.

This feeling is merciless;

It creeps up on you and pounces before you notice.

It becomes your ocean in the dessert.

It can either heal you or drown you.

It’s sink or swim in this lovin’.