The Thing About Goodbyes

snoopy-charlie-brown-end-of-summerHey guys! I hope you’ve all had a great time this summer. This has been the absolute best summer of my entire life so far for reasons I can discuss on here and reasons I cannot talk about. I’m so happy that I captured as many moments as possible both on my camera and in my memory because I never want to forget any of it. I’m also very glad to have been able to still write and be even more inspired by being home and with all the people I love. I did most of the stuff on my summer bucketlist, but I did not get to cross them all off my list and I’m okay with that. I’ve met so many lovely people this summer and gotten closer to a few who I already knew; basically built new relationships, refined some and repaired a few. I’m happy with what has become of my relationship with God and I plan to work hard to keep it that way. It pleases me that I’ve also truly grown in my writing and come to a place where I’m happy with it and no longer have any desire to compare myself with anyone, neither am I ready to stop growing.

I read so many books this summer and if you doubt that, you can check my book review category where I reviewed about 70% of the books I read this summer. I did a bit of traveling with my family and I had the best time. I even got to see a few people I haven’t seen in over three years and we caught up and hung out. This summer, I’ve been myself and entirely comfortable in my own skin and that to me is incredible. While I’ve been home, I discovered that I’ve developed a lot of qualities and apparently have gotten better at dealing with people in general. I’ve noticed that at the same time, I’ve become more guarded, private. I don’t have secrets or anything to hide, but at the same time, it has become increasingly difficult to say a lot of things on the internet or to just anyone, even in person. Maybe it’s me being protective of all that’s important to me, maybe I’ve just changed.

The essence of those two paragraphs is to announce that yes, indeed, my summer at home is over and I officially have to return to school hustle which I’m not particularly looking forward to, mostly because it involves leaving home (and my mother’s food) and family. However, I’m excited to see my friends and get to use my new stethoscope ^_^ and learn (yes, I’m excited to learn). I’m not looking forward to winter though and sleepless nights but you gotta take the entire package with you.

As cliche as it’s going to sound, this summer was nothing short of magical and I’m grateful to God for keeping my family and friends because it would not have made any sense without them. Goodbyes are sad and I suck at them but life makes sure you say a fair share of goodbyes. So, goodbye Nigeria. Summer 2013 has been real.