Such a vague word.

Almost as vague as its meanings.

You can say the word to be sure, but it sounds like an empty place.

An empty place afraid to let anything out, not even a proper ‘whoosh’ of air.

A few people actually think of the spaces between the celestial bodies.

Others think of an empty place, as it is.

A few minds consider the unwelcome break in a relationship;

‘I need some space’

Space is not what you make of it.

It’s empty. Everyone knows.

It is nothingness, glamourized.

There’s nowhere to hide in open spaces.

It is the shame of someone who is unable to end a relationship.

It is the joy of the claustrophobic.

It is air’s paradise; where all ‘whooshes’ run free.

In space, no one falls. There’s no gravity.

Space is a muddle of contradictions.

Shame. Joy. Peace. Pain.

But, it is not what you make of it.

Everyone knows what it is.