Thank You


Wow. One hundred posts guys! I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Every single person who’s come on here and liked or left a comment or retweeted on Twitter or given honest criticism and left comments on Facebook, you’re awesome! A few times, I haven’t felt like writing or I’ve written but haven’t felt like sharing, but you all encouraged me by understanding; basically getting my art (yes, I feel like an artist ^_^). I thank everyone from whom I’ve learned to write better. Truth is so many of them don’t know it, but reading your blogs inspire me.

I really want to list everyone who’s ever left a comment and tell why I’m grateful to them, but that would be a lot of work, so I’ll mention everyone an tell a few people why I’m grateful. Pardon my laziness guys.

Special thanks to Ify who has commented the most on the blog. I’ve never met you but your support as been so unwavering and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you. And the talented Mr Toxic himself who blogs here and here. You guys need to read his stuff and he’s an artist too. Thank you for finding my blog and taking time to read and give honest critique and compliments and for becoming a fan. It means so much. A special thank you to Kemi for all her love and for encouraging me to move to WordPress. Best decision I could have made. My group mate Ruth has been phenomenal, so much support. Thank you Ruthie for all the kind words and for all the shares. And Lizzie! Thanks so much for being supportive. I appreciate you. And my soon to be lawyer NaijaBrit, thank you for all your comments, I appreciate them.

I’m thankful to all the amazing people I follow on here, and on Twitter and from everywhere else; Tiwa , Maringar, Tomi, Aeeysha, Chiamaka aka YellowIgboGirl, Ekene, Ndeshimona, Cassandra- fashionista extraordinaire, my only twin Oroma, Dr Temi, Paetir (this is what happens when no one knows your name), Oluchi, Adorah, Tunji, Punkenstein, cycatryx, Victor, Nnamdi, Isaac, Desire, Cherish, Michael, Muyosan, Uwa, Tehila, Laurel, Esther (heartsandpaper), Tonye, Bethel, My cousin Adaibea, Ndidi, Aisha, Ebun(ite), Ochuko, Ketsia, Teni, Mary, Uche, Beabu, Grace, Ibuchim, Henry, Chiazor, Fara, Deolu and everyone else. I’m so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. I’m just so grateful to have met all you lovely people. Thank you. Even those who never comment, I thank you for reading and I hope you’ll be moved to comment soon 😉

I’ll do my best to keep writing and sharing. Please keep coming back. I love you guys, truly.

My family has been really nice about the whole blogging thing and I’m thankful, especially my mummy who I’m always talking about. My friend Anastasia is simply the ‘bestest’. Thank you.

You guys keep me going and make it all worthwhile.

Thank you, Meka. Merci. Spasiba. Takashor. Gracias. I’m truly grateful.

With Love, Afoma.