I'm Becoming like My Mother


When I was younger, I thought my mother was absolutely the most annoying person on the planet.

There were moments when I liked her; when she did something nice, like buy me something I liked or wanted or something. Children are pretty selfish, you know, well, I was. Most of the time though, it felt like she was always berating me for something- leaving doors open, getting things dirty and not cleaning them, fighting with my brother- you know, normal stuff. There were also times when it seemed like she was too tired to go somewhere with us when we wanted or get what we ‘needed’ at times. Many times, I felt like I was praised less than often and way too much was expected of me.

Then I grew up. Not that I’m old or anything now, but I’m older anyway. Then it became ‘are you sure you want to wear that?’ My mother, ever the psychologist. She’ll never say ‘don’t wear that’, she’ll only make you not want to wear it. There were and still are a lot of ‘wash the plates’ ‘cut this, wash that, bring that, send that to this person’ and then later ‘you don’t do anything for me o’. Oh well.

Then I moved. To another continent. I found myself talking like my mother. Telling my friends my opinions on everything the exact way she had told them to me, without knowing. Of course I realize that this is only natural, but I just found it so shocking when I think about it. I send my brother on errands the same way. I talk to myself the same way I think she would when I need a pep talk. I’m almost always right in predicting her reactions and every now and then when I’m away from home and trying to make a decision, I know exactly what she would say about an issue. I definitely think a lot of this results from being very close to her and actually listening to all the things she said to me even while I was being moody and making all those failed plans to run away from home.

You’re probably wondering what I think of her now. I’m sure she’s wondering too because once she sees ‘mother’ in this post, she’ll click the link. There are still annoying moments, but the annoying thing about getting older is that you can actually tell that they’re (parents) doing it for your good. And they want you to be the best version of yourself possible. Then, you really can’t be annoyed for that long. I definitely get more praise now and that feels good, to know that you make your parents happy. It’s worth doing what  they ask  you. As for my friends, sorry, my mum isn’t the easiest to please, but she’s really sweet too so she’s worth the struggle. I kinda am too :). Most of all, I now understand her need for solitude sometimes since I’m very much like that. Basically, growing up helps you see things from the parent’s point of view.

There’s no one else in the world I’d rather be like than you mummy.