Things Nobody Tells You

Nobody tells you that falling in love is just that- falling. And hoping gravity isn’t strong enough to let you hit the ground. Gravity being life, of course. They don’t really tell you that you could love and not even be liked back, after all the prince automatically liked Cinderella. And that for some people, wanting to keep you isn’t the same as loving you. They don’t tell you that “the world is not a wish granting factory” and more often than not, you barely get what you need, let alone what you wish.

Nobody tells you that life as an adult isn’t exactly a ball. They don’t tell you that once you look past being “legal” and free to drink and drive (not simultaneously), it really just becomes university, real world aka bills bills bills and a ton of responsibility. No one quite explains that finding someone to spend the rest of your life with isn’t a walk in the park, especially if you’ve got a proper mental checklist and what not.

Of course, no one tells you that the people you love aren’t immortal or that you might be among the unfortunate few who never know what or who they have until they’ve lost it. People rarely tell you how much of a miracle getting pregnant and having healthy babies is. You really never know, until a child cannot seem to stay alive within you. They don’t tell you that many times, the worst things happen to the best people.

Of all the things that people usually aren’t apt enough to describe, life and love share first place. No one can really explain how it felt to take their first breath or to hear the raucous sound of people celebrating their safe entry into this world. They can’t exactly put 90 years of life into even 900 pages of autobiography and even when they do, they don’t spend enough time describing the most important things. People don’t say that not everyone is as good, happy or loving as you are and not everyone is really happy that you’re happy or successful.

No one tells you that falling in love is simultaneously the most beautiful and terrifying thing. Until you experience it, you probably won’t know how quickly your heart can beat or how impossibly happy you can become or how much you could give up to see someone smile. You have no idea how many love songs could take on a fresh new meaning or how much clearer the words of those songs can sound.

But then again, the world doesn’t tell you that sometimes, the person made for you or your “soulmate” could be a really good friend, a parent, a child or a spouse. Anyone.

Life tells you.