For the Love of Twitter

Hello hello… how’s it going? I’m feeling okay. Today, I want to talk about *drum roll* Twitter!

My favorite birdy

Before I begin, I’d like to say that I love Twitter (if you didn’t already know) and my opinions may be biased. Moving on to the issue at hand; I’m not here to ask you to join Twitter or anything like that, although I can’t guarantee that you won’t want to do that after you’ve read this post but the point of this post, if you were wondering is just to talk about something I like (as I always do) and to let you in on why I like it and why it works for me.

Sidebar: Ever tried reading and writing at once? Beautiful multitasking.

News: No other social network gives news as fast as Twitter does! You can watch football matches and TV shows via your twitter feed. Its ahhh-mazing. I don’t watch the news; I honestly find it quite depressing, but if you’re the news lover, there are numerous accounts like CNN, BBC, The Nigerian Newsdesk and virtually every news station there is on TV on Twitter. I’ve heard almost anything and everything from Michael Jackson’s death to Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy to Obama’s re-election first on Twitter and as a totally shameless information whore, I love it. Twitter is the place to avoid if you don’t want to have people tell you what happened last night on “Scandal”.

Jokes: Twitter is home to jokers as instagram is home to models yo. While some people are trying too hard and not exactly funny, I’ve seen some pretty hilarious tweets and a lot of experiences in my ‘Being Nigerian’ post were from the people on my Twitter. I try to take many screen shots for days when I’m feeling down, but occasionally I delete them. I hope you find these two as funny as I did;

image (1)

photo (2)

The advent of memes has also been hilarious! Twitter is just jokes sometimes (most times).

Inspiration: There are so many inspiring people on Twitter! Writers, fellow medical students and just people who are great motivational speakers. And such ‘energy’ has benefits that cannot be overemphasized. There are always wise words and so much great advice and I love it. (Who’s counting how many times I’ve said that in this post?) I also find the best blogs on Twitter and my writing has improved by reading other great writers. I’ve ‘met’  so many inspirational people on Twitter.

Now of course, the streets of Twitter aren’t paved with gold or anything like that- there’s quite a bit (a lot) of arguments and ‘Twit-fights’ which I believe depends on the kind of people you follow on there. A lot of folks on Twitter fall into the trap of oversharing also. They tell us about things which we shouldn’t know about and air dirty linen a lot. There’s also been so many people apparently tweeting nude  photos which is entirely another discussion altogether. Again, this depends on who you follow on there.

Twitter has taught me so much about the value of good association. For those of who you aren’t on Twitter, basically, adding someone is referred to as “following” and you see all the person tweets or most of it and like I’ve been saying, your Twitter experience; whether or not you’ll grow as a person from all you learn on there or whether you’ll spend time viewing nudes and cyber bullying others depends on the kind of people you follow. This also brings me to real life. Life is so much better when all you have around you is good fun, lessons, encouragement and art. Your person will grow in leaps and bounds if you have “grown” people around you. Think about that.

And now *drum roll* I bring you Afoma’s special; Twitterville- The citizens.

– Freshers: These are the newbies. They’re on Twitter a lot. They’re still not accustomed to Twitter lingo, but they usually learn to say ”ff bac” (which means follow back) in a few weeks or even days. Most of them are bored because they haven’t quite figured how this works. My advice? Find people you know, follow and don’t worry too much about being followed back. People usually follow back if they know you or think they’ll find your life interesting, because all we do is just be shadows in each other’s lives. In time, people who share your interests will find you and follow.

– Oldies: These guys have been on Twitter since the start, you know. They know all the lingo and they have so many followers and tweet quite often or tweeted quite often at a time in their lives. Some oldies are what we call twitter celebs. I’d mention some of them, but I cannot be bothered to link their pages, so… The oldies are usually interesting to follow especially when they’re level headed people who don’t think of Twitter as some job or kingdom/territory.

Real Celebs: YES! With Twitter you can now read what all your favorite celebrities are up to all the time! Did that sound like an advertisement? Twitter needs to hire me for promoting them via this post. But , yeah a lot of celebrities are on Twitter and for the freshers, you can tell who the real celebrity is by a little blue tick by the side of their name. It means they have been verified.

– Medical Students: Oooh I love the med student community on Twitter. We just complain about how stressful our lives are and how much there is to be studied. They occasionally take breaks off Twitter, but they come back after exams. There are also those who tweet more during exams to stay awake. It’s nice to have people who understand your struggles.

– Quote accounts: I couldn’t exclude them. Most of them are a nuisance and recycle quotes and jokes a lot but they’re a noticeably large part of the twitter community so yeah.

Bloggers and Writers: All the articulate people on twitter who make their lives seem more interesting than they really are by the way they use their words, I salute you! Twitter is the best place to get a large following for your blog and people who will completely appreciate all those hours of writing.

In case it isn’t already clear, I love Twitter. I stay in touch with a lot of people via twitter and I’ve made a good number of acquaintances (who I really consider friends) on there. I’ve heard so many opinions and had many chances to voice mine as well. I’m grateful for all the highs and lows. In conclusion…

photo (3)

Twitter is also a tad addictive, in case you didn’t know.

That said if you’re ever on there and you want to hear more about my “interesting” life, Follow @Miszjeanie.