This Blogging Thing.


Hello beautiful people! How is everyone doing today? I hope life has been treating y’all kindly. Life hasn’t been bad around here at all. I wanted to let you all into my thoughts about blogging, the pros and cons and why I’ve grown to love it so much. I’m not sure whether to start with the pros or the cons so I’ll just say all the stuff about blogging and let you figure out what the pros and cons are- some good mental activity eh?

1. No, It’s not about you: Usually, if I’m going to write something personal about you, you’ll know, because I’ll ask you first. If I haven’t told you, you probably shouldn’t worry about it. So, a few days ago, I received a message from an old friend who was very unhappy because he believed that he was part of the friends I said I was no longer friends with in my post regarding How I’ve Changed In The Last Two Years. The thing with blogging, especially if you write about personal things is that, like a reporter (or journalist?) you cannot reveal your sources (of inspiration). Sometimes, I say ”he” when it’s a she, or ”them” when it’s about one person because I don’t want to embarrass anyone or even reveal any kind of information that isn’t mine to divulge simply because apart from the fact that that’s wrong, I wouldn’t like it if someone did the same to me. So, if I write anything that makes you feel guilty and we are friends, you should ask me, even though it might become a confession to me about something I did not know you did.

2. ‘You have a blog, right?’: Soo, I got asked this question a few days ago and I’m not entirely sure how it made me feel. I was happy, because enough people had heard of my blog in school that strangers would walk up to me and ask me that. I was shy, because I’m shy and I want the ground to swallow me when people compliment me, seeing as I become completely clueless as to what direction to look to hide the blush slowly creeping up my cheeks (yes, black people blush too). I felt.. responsibility or was it pressure? All these people read my blog, I have to try to keep the message inspiring, happy. My creative juices CANNOT dry up on me right now. I felt proud, of my commitment. For almost a month or more I’ve been religiously posting three times a  week and I’m happy about it. It hasn’t been difficult, honestly, but it hasn’t been the easiest either. I always get asked how I juggle school and writing. I love writing. It’s that simple. It’s not a chore. I love to see my words after I’ve written them. And read them. And hear myself. I love it and I promise I’m not a narcissist.

3. My First Baby: This blog has honestly become like my child. I think about it, quite a lot. Everything becomes an idea. I scribble everywhere. I’m not mad, I promise. I think of stories on the bus ride home. I take ideas from physiology. I’ve never used my mind more. I read more. I’ve become more organised, I actually make time for everything now. There has to be time for God, to study, to write, to cook. Everything. I get more stuff done than ever before. I feel like a mother in the sense that I’ve re arranged my time for a blog! It also has made me realise that I have time! I just have to make room for things and I feel motivated to make room for other more important things as opposed to only talking about them and planning on here. So basically, I’ve been inspired, maybe not as much as a child inspires his parents but inspired nonetheless.

4. ‘What do you think?’: I’ve never been big on self expression. Scratch that. I HAD never been big on self expression. Hardly ever said what I thought even when I was asked. But now I have this SPACE! All how many gigabytes to express myself. To ramble on about all the things I pick up eavesdropping with my antenna ears everyday. I’ve never felt better. This blog had always been the place I run back to when I had nothing going on. I started it sometime after college, I think, while I waited for my Ukrainian visa. I was bored. And sad. And I felt stuck. So I wrote. After I got here, (UA) I abandoned the blog and my friend Nnamdi would always say ”I thought you’d be writing about all the things you’re doing!!”. I wasn’t writing. I was busy. I was not in the greatest place, honestly. I was away from home, at sixteen. It was fun, really. But I was only just starting to realize how much of sharks people can be. I was the most trusting child you could ever meet. I finished my first year with good grades and a case of trust issues. I’ve met amazing people this year and the funniest thing is that they’d always been there, I’d just never seen them. And I’m grateful for all those who stayed the entire two years with me. I digress. This blog was re birthed during my first semester break at the beginning of this year with more purpose than ever. This blog made me realize that my voice is important. That some people care what I have to say, even though my knowledge of life is limited.

5. ”I’m ready to buy your book!”: This is just the greatest compliment of all time! I’ve had a few people say this to me recently and I was ecstatic and it’s made me want to write more. And better. Someone actually said they would want to read MY MEMOIR!! Who woulda thunk?? But don’t worry, I’m not writing my memoir. I do have plans to write something, God willing. My mother recently said ”maybe you should have become a writer”. All these compliments and votes of confidence from people are humbling. People say such good things, I’m amazed. I’m thankful and I’ll do my best to keep giving the good stuff and only the good stuff even though right now, school is a priority and I’m working to keep it that way. I implore you all to keep reading and try not to get bored with all my rants that may or may not add anything to your lives. It means a lot to me. I also want to thank all the supportive bloggers who let me guest write on their blogs, you’re awesome and who keep coming back and liking and giving feedback. Thank you.


I definitely have more pros than cons and I’ve already said how much I’m enjoying myself rambling on the internet. So I’ll say this, blogging has been great so far and I hope to be around for a while bringing my ever exciting life to you in as many servings possible. And yes! There will be a book (or books ;)), just as soon as med school is over. Thanks again and see you around xx