Exam Week 1

Hello! How are you guys? Anyone done with exams yet? I’m so jealous. Anyone hasn’t started yet? All I can do is el oh el at you. I don’t envy you. My week wasn’t bad and yes I’m done with physiology *pops caprisonne* but I’ve still got five more exams to go. You know when you write just one of your exams and you feel that overwhelming relief and you feel yourself starting to feel like you already wrote and passed ALL your exams? Yes.. that feeling. It is of the devil yo! I had it the day after my physiology and I took myself out.. to the library to rid us (me, myself and I) of that feeling.

This week was not the most eventful. Just a lot of studying. I’ve read the words CNS, respiration, heart, blood, nerves, adiadochokinesia, basal ganglia, nystagmus, psychic etc so many times in the last few days and drunk so many cups of coffee, I wasn’t sure my body would take it. My mood has also been George of the jungle-ing a lot this week, but I’m grateful I can say ‘one down, five to go’ .

There were a few highlights this week though and some inspirational quotes and I posted thrice again this week; Letter To A Future Me where I gave myself (my 25 year old self) some great advice and The Life Of A Pessimist which is basically how pessimists really feel. Oh and I also wrote a poem for/about my daddy, he’s awesome in case you didn’t know. A really cool girl who blogs here nominated me for another Liebster. You can read my first Liebster post here. Here’s what went down this week;

Stress can make people do stuff. While we studied for our physiology exams, I witnessed some troubling behaviour like how I would randomly break into song (my own song, mind you) or start twerking for no reason and to no music or how my group mate would unknowingly speak Yoruba to my Arabian group mate. I haven’t also mentioned how I kept subconsciously opening my physiology note in other classes that weren’t physiology and thinking I was opening the actual notes I should have been opening.

Food is the name of the game. Junk food that is. I’ve had the greatest number of shawarma ‘rolls’? this week and I honestly don’t think I gained a kilo. That’s not all I’ve been eating-pasta, rice, potatoes, egusi. Basically any food in sight. And I’ve heard I’m not alone. News is that appetites have risen by 85%.

-Embarrassment is overrated. I read a blog post and I’m going to quote a few words. You can read the full article by Christiana Mbakwe here if you’d like;

“I realized something about our so-called embarrassing moments. We only perceive them as being embarrassing because we’re hardwired to feel shame for public displays of imperfection. We’re all supposed to have it together. Trained from childhood to present a flawless public façade. Those that deviate from the norm are deemed “weird” or “unladylike”, which is for a lack of a better word–stupid. We’re all flawed. And flawed people do flawed things.Unfortunately we’re taught that these things should be a source of embarrassment, when really they’re part of our stories and we should always own our story”.

I love everything about this and as a perfectionist, I’m learning that it’s okay not to be perfect and put together every time and it’s okay to make mistakes and its okay to not please every one sometimes.

Woolwich beheading. This topic has been talked about so much this week and I’m not going to talk about it. I’d just like to say again that being Nigerian by ancestry does not make you Nigerian in person or spirit or heart. You become who you are by your surroundings and associates (same thing?). There is no excuse for killing your fellowman in cold blood like that (or even in warm blood or anyhow).

-Hebrews 13:16: Don’t forget the doing of good and the sharing of things with others. For with such sacrifices, God is well pleased. Most times, doing good becomes a disservice to us and seemingly comes back to bite us in the ass. Don’t stop. You’re not stupid. Or naive. And you will get your reward in due time.

And one last thing from Miss Mbakwe:


That’s kind of it guys! I need to continue eating my cupcakes, maybe take a nap and then get to work. Have beautiful weekend x

PS Thanks for all the love for ‘See My Africa‘, my ‘Being Nigerian‘ post is getting jealous. I’m happy you all could relate.