The Black Cloud


I’ve stopped laughing

And as the smile on my face slowly fades away

I can’t remember why I was laughing

Why I ever laughed.

What was there to smile about?

I’m tired.

Too tired to smile.

Too tired to read or entertain myself.

Everyone else is without me

living, laughing.

I’m all alone… or not.

The black cloud hovers again.

I know it’s time to pay for my twenty days of happiness,

To pay with ten miserable days.

During those days,

I bark without being confronted.

I bite without being touched.

I cry before I’m provoked.

I don’t want to be awake for even a second.

I need these days to go by swiftly.

So I can shed my skin and be a goddess again.

The goddess of happiness that I am.

Except it’s only the first day.

There’s nine more to go.

PS I’m feeling great guys! I wrote this ages ago.. so don’t worry.