Hey guys! How is it going? I hope the week has been productive for you guys. It’s been kind of busy around here. I was at school just two days this week and as awesome as that was, considering the fact that exams are just lurking around the corner, that’s a profound amount of school work to study on one’s own. So I’ve been trying to study and I honestly miss the library. It’s harder to leave the house to a library when I don’t have to go to school, so this is my problem and for that reason I’m sort of glad that school re-opens next week. I honestly haven’t done much writing but I did have two posts up this week which is completely not what I had planned, but I’ve decided to scratch my usual schedule as it seems to be holding me back from writing what I want and posting them when I feel like it. The new plan? You may see a story once a week, you might not. I’m also trying to write ‘happier’ stories which are also not cliche (huge order eh?) because I’ve been told my stories are too tragic and I don’t want to depress people when they come to hang out here plus I really don’t know how to reply when someone comments ”Too sad” on a story; ”I agree?”. All that said I posted a story John Doe and an article on Being Nigerian and a poem Black Cloud. So get updated.

This week, I was inspired by my physiology class again. We learned about conditioned and unconditioned reflexes. Basically, as opposed to unconditioned reflexes which are present from birth, conditioned reflexes become habit by repetition; they are repeated so often that our brain begins to do them without thinking; our brain becomes ‘familiar’ with them. I couldn’t help but think about how similar this phenomenon is to what happens when people become familiar with you. They become less guarded. Their automatia takes over. Responses are hardly ever premeditated, they become almost like reflexes. It becomes very easy to let yourself speak and act without thinking around those whom you love and are comfortable with which brings me to my point;While it lets people be more of themselves, should familiarity cause us to forget our manners? Should we forget to be nice to our people because we’re so used to them? Should we always practice ‘tough love’ or be extremely sarcastic with people because they ‘understand’ us? Well, in case you were wondering, I think not. Familiarity can breed contempt, doesn’t mean we have to let it. We should treat people with the same respect we did before we knew all their imperfections, before we became ‘familiar’.

What else happened this week?

-We all need family: Sir Alex Ferguson retired and I realized that even for all the workaholics, when its all over, we all need family to go back to. Appreciate them.

-Procrastination is of the devil: I always knew this, it’s just I’ve had to study so much this holiday, thanks to this holiday which had procrastinated school for close to two weeks. For once, I’m not the procrastinator.

-I became friends with author Ilana Fox on Facebook. Suffice to say I’m very happy.

I wish I had more to tell you but sitting at home all day for three days doesn’t make for a very exciting blog post. Here’s hoping you had a more fun week. School re-opens next week; colour me excited! (or not). Well.. just colour me indecisive then.

Till later guys.. Have an awesome week x
PS Thanks for all the love on my “Being Nigerian” post. You guys are awesome!