Be Present

Hello guys! How is it going? I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages! I have been busy! Having a bit of fun and doing some other stuff which I will not bore you with. I only went to school two days this week and honestly I spent all that time wishing the holiday would come faster. I also posted a short story Why? and a poem about my trust issues titled Trusting You. You should go have a look if you haven’t already. My week was quite eventful. I went to the park with some friends on Wednesday to kick off the break and among other things we took a whole lot of pictures, more than two hundred actually. I was in my element, you know as both photographer and model at intervals. We had lunch (or dinner?) after four hours in the park and then we went home. Roller-coasters are not for the faint hearted. If you have heart problems or digestion problems, do not ride a roller-coaster. Your breakfast may just make an appearance. That said, it was a very cool day.

This week I read a beautiful piece about social networks and validation by author Ilana Fox here. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for authors and books. Well, it’s her experience of disconnecting from the cyber world for a week and what she learned. It is so informative and it made me stop and think. I’ll say as much as I can here, but I urge you all to read that article. She discusses reasons why we feel we have to share our every thought, every time and why we feel the need to post pictures of our every deed online. Are we seeking validation of some sort or do we just want to show off? It all comes down to individual reasons. She loves being online and tweeting and all that, so it’s not a condemnation of social networks or the internet. Rather she seeks to (in my opinion) make you reconsider how much information you put out there, how many pictures you show the world and of what sort of things. We should learn to enjoy things, be present,┬ánot being too busy sharing and telling strangers how much fun we’re having and missing out on the actual fun. I love Twitter and Instagram and blogging and sharing photos, but I try to keep some stuff to myself and enjoy it instead of being so preoccupied with documenting it to show the internet. There’s nothing wrong with instagramming photos or tweeting or putting things up on Facebook, but we should also consider our motives. Is it an attempt to show off? or are you just sharing with friends and family? Or trying to inspire via blogging or Twitter?

There’s also another side to being present. Perhaps you’re not 100% comfortable with your present circumstances or you’re looking forward to something. Try not to lose sight of the present, it’s a gift. Be in it. Enjoy moments in real time so you do not have to look at photos of yourself and wonder where you were and why you cannot remember being present. Don’t miss opportunities to make memories with the people you love. You may not have many more chances.

This week I was also confronted by the fact that many people only realize you exist when they think you’re finally at a certain “level” and I do not mean this in the Simon Cowell accepting you on American Idol kind of level. But it’s okay. No one needs such people around them anyway. There are also some people who push you to be better and then only work with you when you’ve reached their standard. Are these both the same?

I also wrote some articles this week that I’m quite excited for you all to see so stick around this week for a new short story and a nice article (I think). Oh and I started running last weekend. Yes, running. I actually like it and it boosts energy levels and keeps you healthy. I also spent a few days whining about the fact that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was in Lagos and doing book signings for ‘Americanah’ *insert long sigh* The pains of living in Ukraine. Thanks a lot for coming back every week to read about all the randomness from my week and from my head. Now I’m going to share some cool photos from the park purely because I just have to show off my model skills and it’s my blog anyway, I can post whatever.



DSCN0809 DSCN0829Okay, I’ll stop now, enough flaunting.

Have an awesome week ahead guys! I’ll go be productive now xx

PS I GOT A NEW WALLET! I’d show you a photo, but that would be weird, no?