Trusting You

We started out wrong.

It cost me so much to get to you,

I expected you’d make it worth my while.

Make me ”glad I came”.

But then it started;

Disappointments, heartbreak.

You gave up on me too many times,

You left me unprepared every time.

I slowly stopped trusting.

I’d be afraid to say your name,

Afraid to expect anything.

Too scared to let you help me.

I did not want to use up all of your reserve,

All your bars, all of mine.

So, I took back up everywhere we went;

Wore bulletproof every time.

Terrified you’d leave me;

Stranded and all alone.

All trust issues and no trust.

So I decided to trust no more.

But you’re better now;

You do better, even though that makes you harder to trust

Because if you failed me now,

My heart wouldn’t take it,

My dear iPhone battery.