"Don't Waste My Time''

Hey guys! How are you guys doing? I hope you all had a good week? My week was actually awesome on too many levels! I had such a good time this week and school was quite alright. In case you were unable to keep up with my posts during the week, you’ve got a second chance. I posted a short story titled The Price Of Freedom and I posted My Happy List on Thursday, so check them out. On Monday, I almost vanquished my arm muscles in gym class (yes, we do sports here) trying to do push ups. I could not even do ONE. It’s still unclear the point of making university students do sports on a regular. Well, moving on. On Tuesday, a friend of mine had a little concert an hour outside my city. The whole gang (our other friends) went to support him and because he’s amazingly talented. He’s a singer/songwriter/photographer and he’s great at all of it. I’m not the kind of person who leaves town on a weeknight to attend a concert. I was really worried about my classes the next day and blah blah. But I did it. I went, because sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone. And before you worry, my class the next day was at 1pm, so I guess it wasn’t a leap outside my comfort zone but I stepped out at least and I loved it, had the time of my life actually.

Last weekend, while I was sick I watched this movie ”In Time”, it stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. I know I’m stale, late whatever. It was AMAZING. The concept is so creative. I’ll tell you about it; Time is the currency in the future and people stop aging at twenty five. After that age you’re given fifty two more weeks-one year to live. With this time, you should also pay bills, buy food, for example coffee costs 3mins. So, basically the rich are immortal and the poor die everyday. I hope you guys understand. I’m not going to talk about the fact that the rich poor situation is the same in the world today. What I’m talking about is the idea that time is not just the exchange currency, time is life. It made me think about how I use my time. Do I let people waste my time? I’m not talking walking slowly and making me late for class type of time wasting. I’m talking spending time with the wrong people especially when you know they add nothing valuable to you. Nothing valuable in terms of knowledge, self improvement and the like. Do I spend time watching or reading things which do not make be better in any way? I decided to use my time wisely. To make sure that when everyday ends, I can say ”I’ve been productive” or after being with friends I can say ”time well spent”. Are you wasting your time?

The weather has been simply incredible! Warm and sunny! Not summer warm, but warm all the same. Its green everywhere and cheerful and happy. I love it! I passed my informatics exam and I couldn’t be happier to be rid of that course. The semester is slowly ending and soon third year will be upon me. I cannot believe I’ve been in med school for two years already! (or almost). Because I live in an orthodox religious country, their Easter holiday is this coming week and I’ll be free from the first of May to the fifth and then from the seventh to the twelfth. I know it all sounds complicated. But I’m having a break! That’s amazing even though I’ll be studying for exams and writing and other stuff. Anyway I’ll leave you all with some of the beautiful photos I took during the week.

Ivan Romanov- Singer/Songwriter/Photographer
Ivan Romanov- Singer/Songwriter/Photographer
At the concert
Friday was a beautiful day.
My neighbour is obsessed with flowers
More flowers

Have an amazing week guys and don’t waste your time or life! xx

**PS Ivan’s photo wasn’t taken by me