My Happy List

Hi guys!
How is it going? I have an exciting  little list today, well, I had planned a list and it may or may not escalate beyond that. I just wanted to share some of the things that cheer me up/ make me happy EVERY time! You may already know some of them if you read this blog regularly 😉 (thumbs up to you), but if you don’t, then you’re welcome to join; it’s not an exclusive club. Anyway, I digress. This is my happy list, in no particular order:

Food: Food makes me ridiculously happy! I get so excited when I have food placed before me, I might even do my happy dance. Especially if it’s good pizza or pasta or my mother’s Afang soup.

”Eating is a divine experience”- Afoma

Music: I always have music playing, well almost always. It’s so great when life has a soundtrack and you can associate music with a time, place or person.

Family and Friends: Well, my friends and family get placed together because my best friends are a whole new kind of family for me. I’m so cheered up when I talk to my parents or brother or friends who just understand ( well, most times).

Shopping: Ahh. I have to say Europe is more ”shopping friendly” than Nigeria. It’s not my favorite experience shopping in Nigeria. But it’s so easy here and those thrift shop places are simply heaven sent!


Sleep and Sleeping in: Lord. This is such a beautiful thing to me. I hardly ever get to sleep in. Just lay in bed after my alarm’s gone off and read a book, or play some music or have breakfast in bed (after I’ve made the breakfast, *sigh). Sleep is a gift from God.


Reading and Writing: Depending on how lazy I am, when I’m having a bad day, I leave my world by traveling into the world of words and stories. It amazes me how many more words there are to be learned. Plus, I’m starting to really love the way my keyboard sounds. I occasionally enjoy reading my physiology textbooks too.

Milkshakes, yoghurt and vanilla ice cream: Need I say more?

Sunshine makes my day. Enough said.

Christian meetings: My weekly meetings at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses are like an oasis in the dessert for me. So encouraging and I get to see all the people I love.

Successful days: When school goes great, I’m happy. It’s the reason I flew over whatever ocean I flew over to get here.

Beautiful Pictures: I love pictures! Of people, of nature, of fashion, of food! All good photos of good things. I also like love to take pictures and have my picture taken too. God bless good photographers!

When someone tells me how much they love my blog: You have no idea how much this makes my day! It’s a greater part of the reason why I write. I try to inspire self improvement and happiness. So thank you for acknowledging my writing.

Some other things I love;

– Long walks when the weather is warm.

– Happy chubby babies.

– Fun gatherings with lots of food and music and dancing.

What things make you happy? I’d love to know. Keep doing good things that make you happy. And keep smiling! Someone out there just loves your smile! Thanks for reading and see you around xx

**PS Check my People I Heart and Things I Heart categories for more things I love!