Effective Perspiration

Hey guys!! What’s popping? How did your week go? I hope everyone had a successful week, because… I did! My week was great. Not perfect, of course, but I had a really good week although there were many times I felt like I was in a reality TV show because there were so many heart stopping moments this week. Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll tell you about all of them, just after I’ve advertised all the stuff I wrote this week. On Tuesday, I posted my newest short story ”The Execution” so if you haven’t already read it, take a moment to do so. And then on Wednesday, The Student’s Blog posted my piece called ”The Anatomy of Medical Students”, I hear many people liked it, you should check it out and then just on Thursday I published a poem about my little brother ”Ejike”. Now that you’ve caught up on all my latest posts, we can now proceed to discuss my week in detail.

First of all, I’ll explain the reason for the title of this post. While I was doing my thing in the library on Monday, I ran into the phrase. Effective perspiration is the type of sweating which causes cooling. Sweating may not always cause evaporation and cooling especially in humid conditions or when you’re wearing leather or rubber. Well, it got me thinking about working hard and not getting results. What causes perspiration to become ineffective? I have some ideas of my own. On Friday, I spoke to some of my friends in school and they complained about how impossible it is to do a semester’s worth of work in one or two nights or even one week. This is just one example of ineffective perspiration. Granted, you work your butt off during those few days and nights, but with what results? How would those results stand if compared to results worked for in a larger time frame? These words also showed me that working hard will not always bring results, especially if you’re working hard on the wrong things or at the wrong time. So try as much as possible to avoid constant procrastination. Be sure of your goals before immersing yourself in any projects. Be sure that the project is right for you, so that your perspiration is not in vain.

Guys, I have to tell you this story! Well, last week, my microbiology teacher told me I wouldn’t have to take exams for Bacteriology, Immunology and Allergology. It’s this thing we do in my school. If you have enough good marks in your continuous assessments-weekly tests- then you may not do exams. Well, your girl was chilling in her room on Thursday morning, writing, surfing the net, eating and all. I had even sent goodluck texts to my friends taking the exam who’d been on library duty that week and then I get a phone call that the teacher supervising the exam needs to see me. Apparently, I still needed to do the oral part of the exam. I was horrified to say the least. I could feel myself shaking. How was I supposed to take a microbiology exam that I was not even prepared for? Well, I quickly showered and got dressed all the while praying that God save me from this situation. When I got to class, the woman gave me my questions, and I could not have been more relieved. It was a question whose answers I knew. You should have seen the scrawl that became my handwriting. My hands were shaking so much that my handwriting was a mess! But I survived and I aced it and I remember thinking ”My God is bigger than Microbiology!!”.

This week I also realized that the fear of the unknown is the worst fear when I found myself more nervous about my informatics exam than of my Topographical anatomy test. You see, the problem with informatics is that they’re just one of those departments of the school trying to be relevant. Why would I care about Medical Informatics? It was especially stressful because no one knew what to study for the exams. Well, it’s been written and my fingers are still crossed that’s it’s over with. I also had so many people asking me how I find the time to write so often. It just happens and it definitely helps that I’m faster at typing than I’ve ever been. I also never have writers block, at least not yet, so I guess, I should be grateful for that. I write whenever I have free time. It’s welcome escape. I love storytelling and letting my imagination run wild. Word play is just beautiful to me. In other random news, I also developed a sore throat on Thursday and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, actually, I’m pretty much voiceless right now and just praying to have one by Monday.

Thank you guys for stopping by regularly to read and sending me sweet messages about how much you love my blog and encouraging me to keep it up. Special thanks to all those who do not get offended by by constantly dropping links in their inboxes on Facebook and Twitter. It means a lot to me. Watch out for the usual short story on Tuesday and something fun on Thursday! Enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead. I’ll leave you with a hair blowing in the wind photo now. xx


*PS I have still not got a new wallet!