I’ve known him for fifteen years.

I do not remember mummy bringing him home

I had been on earth for just about two years

And now, I had my first partner.

I always loved him, I still do.

Appreciation though was another story;

We fought a lot as children

And I remember how painful his left handed slaps were.

He seemed to get everything he wanted, Every time,

But he always wanted to share;

His childish innocence so beautiful.

He gave while I hoarded, wiser in my older sister mind.

I played pranks on him, which mummy made me apologize for, every time.

I saw him struggle with asthma before he was old enough to pronounce the word,

My heart broke every time he was sick.

I’ve watched him grow

Into a brave young man.

Braver than I could ever be.

Brave enough to try everything and anything;

Unafraid of failure.

Young and brazen and outspoken.

Lover of God and music.

Life Enthusiast and avid reader.

Food and video game lover.

Defender of all the things that matter to him.

My father’s pride, My mother’s first born.

My brother.

For all the times I never appreciated you,

For all the silly pranks,

For being my greatest advocate, my tireless photographer.

For loving me unconditionally.

I Love You, Now and Always.

-Your sister, A.


**PS Of course I had to be in the picture too!

**PPS See my thoughts on my mother here xx