All Or Nothing?

Hi dudes and dudettes!! How’s it going? I hope you all had a great week; I did! My week was really good. Happiness, check. Fun, check. Successful classes, check. I’m really grateful for the past two weeks and how great they’ve been. The first two days were a bit of a blur; I just remember sleeping, school, studying, lunch/dinner and sleeping. I mean, I know that’s all I do, but still! Speaking of studying, I’ve amped up my library routine, it’s like an addiction. Lord. The amount of work I get done in that library is jaw dropping. I cannot believe I ever wasted time studying in my room or in my house. If you missed this week’s posts; a short story That Night and it got published on also. I also wrote a little article on being left handed and what I think of left handers (The Left Hand Phenomenon). It was a busy and fulfilling week. I started my surgery classes this past Friday also. All we do for now is watch surgeries from the gallery above a la Grey’s Anatomy. On Friday, we watched a sigmoid colon tumor removal surgery (very bloody). Oh, and I took my braids out last weekend and I watched ‘’Dead Poets Society’’. Simply Incredible. I love that movie! Also guys, if you just look at your bar above, I don’t know what it’s called but I just wanted to let you know that I’m now Yeah, I made it official.

This past week, while I was talking chatting with my friend, I was reminded of the ‘’all or nothing’’ issue. Well, it’s basically some people’s view of life and of achieving their goals. They believe they either have to have it all or have nothing at all. I’m not sure this means this same as having either the best or nothing, but I reckon they’re quite similar. I actually ran into these words about thrice this week and I decided to say a few words about them. Personally, I think that in some matters, half a loaf is indeed better than none and that a bird in hand is worth ten in the bush. I do not mind enjoying a part of certain things, in fact, I would rather have a part than nothing at all. I’d rather begin a project even though I am unsure of it’s final destination, than decide to sit and putter because its not ‘’all’’. At the same time, I refuse to settle on certain other issues, but the latter are barely a handful of things. I am a fan of appreciating the smaller things in life. I’m very easily satisfied or pleased, so I’m guessing my thoughts may not be the greatest on this topic. However, my point is; It should not always be all or nothing. Sometimes, you have to start things even though you don’t know how they will play out, sometimes you have to be satisfied with what you have so you do not lose that little fish you already caught while chasing bigger fishes you may not be ready for and sometimes half a loaf is better than none.

This week, I also learned a couple other things;

YOU ARE ENOUGH: We all need friends and family and people to make life more interesting but some people feel like they need someone to always be there with them 24/7. The reality of life is that you will not always have someone by your side all day everyday unless you’re a Siamese twin. I can’t stress how important it is to love your company. To not be afraid to just be. Alone. To sort out yourself and thoughts and person. But, maybe it’s just me. In any case, even if you’re the biggest extrovert, we all need a break from the world once in a while. And if you’re searching for love, trust me, no one loves a clingy partner who is afraid to be by themselves. So get that sorted and the partner will come.

Code Switching: My friend Nastya showed me this really cool article about code switching. Code switching is basically people changing their voices and attitudes in different situations. You know how you sound different when you’re talking to that person you like (‘’Hey, how are you?’’) and how you sound when you’re on the phone with your mum (‘’Good morning ma’’) or how you act around your boys? (‘’Guy what’s up?!’’) Yeah, that’s code switching. You can google it or just read the article here. If you didn’t notice from my ”dude and dudettes” greeting, I’ve been getting in touch with my inner gangsta’ as well this week.

So that’s it for this week, I hope you guys have a great week ahead and if you have any comments about all or nothing, I’m always ready to converse. Look out for my posts this week as well and thank you guys for reading. xx

Special Shout out to Dr Kemi for acing her second MB exams! You guys can visit her amazing blog here.

**PS Have you guys already met my new curls?