Arrogance vs Confidence

Hello beautiful people! How are you guys doing? I hope you all had a great week, because mine was phenomenal. I was so happy the entire week, not anti social at all and school was very fulfilling and satisfying (they mean the same thing right?). Well, all I’m trying to say is that my week was amazing! It was not perfect though, I had a week long migraine. By Friday I was honestly beginning to feel like a drug addict with all the ibuprofen I’d swallowed (I might be exaggerating), but it was difficult. I was photophobic and phonophobic for the most part of the week, but hey, I survived. I also posted twice this week; my second short story Her Silver Lining and How I’ve Changed In the Last Two Years and if you missed any of them or you’re just curious, check them out. Anyway, now that I’m done advertising, I’d like to thank all of you for commenting and subscribing retweeting and reposting on different social networks and everything, it means a lot to me especially when I write really personal things and you all can relate and appreciate, it’s awesome.

This week, I had the thrilling opportunity to do WARD ROUNDS!!! Ahh. Nothing makes you feel more like a doctor than walking about with your own stethoscope and measuring pulses and blood pressures for the first time. Definitely the highlight of my week. I loved every minute of it. I also completed my pediatrics course for the semester. Last week, I wrote about feeling unchallenged so I took matters into my own hands and set a few challenges for myself. I visited the library after my classes at four pm- something I’d never done and guess what? I finally understood the whole library concept, so serene and honestly, I did more than I’d do in four hours at home in two hours in that library and I felt good. It was strange at first, all the usual library customers turning back to observe the new individual in their midst, but I think I did pretty good. I completed two books this week as well and I plan to take out my braids this weekend; don’t ask how long I’ve had them, you don’t want to know. Did I already mention how amazing the weather has been? So much sunshine! I took so many pictures (of myself) this week.

This week, like I said I talked, a lot which didn’t really help my migraine, but some topics are so stimulating, I literally have to bite my tongue to be quiet and that can be painful. So I talked. I learned more about some people and I got to admire them more than I had already. I listened to so many people this week and I got to personally experience the difference between arrogant vibes and confidence. Personally, I think I’m confident **googles definition of confidence** in the sense that I’m aware of my abilities and I try not to overrate myself or undermine myself as well even though I’m very good at the latter. The dictionary seems to believe that confident people should be ”presumptuous” ”excessively bold” and that confuses me. I’m very irritated by people who overrate themselves, honestly I’d rather you overrate someone else. Is this just a twisted sense of modesty? I have nothing against being sure of yourself always and standing by your convictions, in fact, I find it appealing. I just cannot deal with presumptuousness. I cannot deal with people who can talk about themselves and their achievements for a decade and not be satisfied and not because they have so many achievements, but because they think it’s being ”confident”. Where is the line between confidence, true beautiful confidence and plain arrogance?

I’d love to know your opinions on the issue and thanks again for reading all my long posts and random thoughts. Stay tuned for a new short story and another random article this week and I hope you have an even better week than this past week xx