Be Happy

Hello all!!!
How’s it going?? Good week?? I hope everyone is feeling great. Because I feel amazing! It’s been a.. great week. Started off really slow, but picked up at the end. And I’ve been having a ball (since Friday of course). I’ve done a lot of thinking this week, not that that’s anything new, I’m always thinking, it’s actually a problem. Well, again I have a lot to say today and just as a warning this post might be a long one because I’m really excited at the time of writing this (I’ll tell you why if you read till the end ;)). If I keep having too much to say, it might actually become a problem. I mean there’s only several ways to refer to things I learned in the week and I’m running out of titles so don’t panic if you see a post titled ”untitled”. So, I’ll briefly talk about the low points of my week and move on to enumerate the highlights, because who wants to dwell on the bad stuff, right?
I had a strange beginning to the week, probably because I was unprepared, I was basically too lazy on Sunday, all I did was study and clean my room at 2am. I didn’t cook or have any meal plan set up for the week. You see, I have a bit of OCD with these things and I like to be prepared, to plan ahead. Some people are blessed to be able to be (that sounds so nice) spontaneous. I’m not like that and if you’re the same way, you probably understand me. I felt lost and rushed through Monday and Tuesday and even part of Wednesday. I was irritable and easily discouraged. I considered dropping out of school because I felt too cool for school (ha!), I just wasn’t sure what I’d do if I dropped out so I chilled and kept studying. I tried to organise my life on Wednesday evening and I felt better the next day and the rest of the week. Maybe it’s just me but an organised mind can only flourish in an organised person and it doesn’t hurt to always be prepared. Procrastination feels great, but the panic afterward, not so fun. I still procrastinate though, sometimes.
Now onto the good stuff, after the massive response to my post Lessons my friend Nastya encouraged me to write more personal stuff, I quote her ”isn’t that the point of a blog?”. So, guys, there might  be some oversharing happening around here soon. I also experienced first hand the feeling of wanting something so much it scares you. My dreams for my future seem to be changing  evolving. I’m still thinking about it, but I assume it’s normal at a younger age, the things we want change, the kind of people we like changes, our style changes, our choice of music changes and all that. Change is scary. I remember reading ” Who moved my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson (more info here ) when I was nine or ten and not quite grasping how scary change can be. But now, I understand better- Change. But, change isn’t always bad. I actually think it’s hardly ever bad because things might seem bad because they’re different, that’s the basis of racial prejudice, of all kinds of prejudice. But there’s definitely something great about everything, everyone and even if that isn’t true sometimes, only thinking like that gives you such a fresh perspective on life, it keeps you happy, hoping and that’s good. My conclusion? Change is good. I’ve therefore decided to not be afraid to love something or be passionate about something or to work hard at something as long as I love it.
The highlight of my week? Lindsey Kelk . She’s an author, google her if you’re curious. I’ve basically been obsessed with her this past week, with her books actually. She’s amazing. Especially if you’re female, you HAVE to read her books. So light, easy, witty. Amaze-balls. Soo, after reading three of her books in a week, I just had to email the lady and the awesome part? SHE REPLIED!! Here’s what she said:

My fan  girl moment, totally justified. Uhm did you see the part where she called me talented? I completed my first short story this week also and that makes me very happy. I’m trying to write more and improve my writing. Reading and writing take me to unimaginable places and I forget all my stress for a while. I’ll be sharing my short story sometime this week when I’m brave enough.

You can see why my week was amazing. Also, I want to thank all those who wrote me about my last post, saying how they related to it, how much they loved it and how inspired they were. I’m so grateful. I have no words to express gratitude. Thank you. I did some retouching on my blog (is that even right?). Well, I revamped it. I hope its easier to navigate (and the follow button is in clear view). I discovered the magic of audio books this week also. Totally a way to indulge my laziness, just listen. My favorite shows came back this week. I started religiously following this season of American Idol, finally! Now can someone tell me why I shouldn’t be happy? Whenever you’re down, remind yourself of all the awesomeness that is you and yourself and all the little achievements and all those who love you. I think I just found today’s title people. *pops champagne!* Be happy, nobody, nothing is worth your tears. Have an amazing week, I plan to xx
**PS Inspiration of the week The Inspiration That is Lazaro Arbo .