How’s it going people? I hope you all had a good week, cos I did! It was stressful (as usual) but most of it went really well. Honestly, it was really an uneventful week and I’d rather not bore you with all the details. Plus most of my favorite shows are on hiatus, which sucks. And I’ve basically passed out the past two nights, as opposed to sleeping. I just collapse from 9pm till about 5am the next day. I dare say my body is very grateful. This week there’s been a bit of thought as to making my life more… productive. I’ve returned to list making, using post-its around my room to remind me of my priorities and it’s working (in case you were wondering). I’m learning more French and I’ve gotten the hang of knot tying (**pops champagne!**) and I did pretty okay on the tests **insert fist pumping**. I’m feeling more grateful everyday, than I’ve ever felt at any point in my life.
This week, the thing that hit me the hardest is the importance of having the right priorities. Different things are important to different people and while it’s not my place to tell you what should be first place in your life, I’ll tell you this : Get out a sheet of paper or you can use a notepad and think about the most important things in your life. Write them in order of importance. Why? Your priorities say a lot about you. You’ll never really know what’s most important to you until you have them staring back at you in ink. When you’ve figured out what’s important to you, your life will be simpler. You don’t have to stop doing things because they’re less important, but it will help you know what to bump out if you need to make important decisions. Remember of course that priorities change. However the most important things often remain the same. Most people will say God is the most important person in their lives. But it goes beyond just saying that or even convincing yourself. Is that the truth? Do you live life in a way that shows that you value that relationship? Or is it only a verbal proclamation? Think about it. Whatever is most important to you, make sure it’s the right thing. Avoid misplacing priorities. It also helps to review that list you’ve made from time to time and maybe move some things around, or even delete things which do not add value to your life.
In less exciting news, I took some pictures on my phone while I was taking out the trash during the week. They’re basically just boring pictures of the sun >.<

       I’m now going to start working on the things in my to do list. The plan is to get them all most of them crossed by the end of tomorrow. Ohh and we’ve got a public holiday on Friday next week! It’s going to be a shorter week this week. Have a great week everyone and thanks for your comments and for reading all the posts! xx