Hi guys!
How’s everyone doing today? I hope you all had a good week. If you were wondering, it was a good one for me too, well mostly. And as usual, the weekend has been the best part. But I’m still going to tell you guys about my week though, so fear not. Well, Hardest part :Knot tying. I started doing topographic anatomy this semester (some universities call it ”surgical techniques”) and all had been great until I met the knot tying part. I mean your girl can even suture (partially) but I can’t seem to tie the ”ropes” the way surgeons are supposed to. Take note, I CAN tie them, just not like a surgeon should, that is, with minimal contact with the body of the patient. It was pretty frustrating. And I’m still working on it. It led me to thinking about knots.. a lot. All kinds of knots, literal and figurative. You know like how your stomach can be in knots when you’re nervous or how you can tie yourself in knots when you tangle with the wrong kind of people? Yup. My conclusion? Good things hardly ever come out of knots, HARDLY. Except the fact that knotting keeps sutured wounds closed.
Best part : Friday! My Fridays are the best to be honest. I get to learn pediatrics in a children’s hospital and I close the earliest AND get to see friends in the evening after a stressful week. This Friday was extra cool. Spent time getting to know my new group mates and I dare say we had a ball. There were quite a few clashes based on the different perspectives of the male and female species on relationships and love. It was quite an intellectual conversation. We started a French group in my congregation this week and I’m very excited to be a part of it. I’m trying to bring my French back as my brain seems to have been taken over by Russian. Safe to say I’ve got a lot on my plate and surprisingly, I quite like it. I love a good challenge. I may be practicing some of my French with you guys too. I’m trying to stay in the multilingual state of mind. ;). I plan to spend the rest of my weekend cooking, eating, practicing my knot tying, studying and resting. Basically try to be as productive as possible and be ready for the new week.
I took a few pictures when I went thrift shopping today and during the week, with my phone too. Nothing too fancy.

Group mates
Group mates + me
Neon heels. (which I didn’t buy)
Sunshine today. Spring is coming people!

Don’t panic just yet, there’s a lesson for the week ”practice makes perfect” (or almost), knot tying or not, no pun intended. I’ll try and try again. Prayer helps too.

      Thanks to all who stop by and comment and follow. And thanks to my mum who reads EVERY single article and tells me whether or not she likes them. Have a great week guys! xx