Staying True


     It’s a good day for me today! It’s been such  a great weekend so far and I’m more grateful for the kind of friends I have who make me happy and cheer me up every time. My week though, was good. It wasn’t great, but good. I felt irritable most of the time and my steadfast Sony Ericsson phone died. She was a year and one month old. Cause of death: Trauma from a fall down two storeys (apparently, according to microsoft ”storeys” isn’t a real word *shrugs*). Anyway, that’s by the way. School this week felt really hectic and I don’t know why, it felt like longer hours but I felt like everything was just happening really quickly at the same time. Like I’d have an 8am class and before I knew it would be 7pm and I’d be studying for my test the next day. Let’s just say I really appreciated the whole TGIF mantra this week.
   This week I learned an important lesson about staying true to yourself. By staying true to yourself, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t try to change bad habits or make yourself a better person or learn from the advice of others. I mean that whatever the circumstances are, remain cheerful and nice to people. Even if you’re having a bad day, or you’re broke or hungry (this is for me), try not to treat people differently from how you would’ve treated them if you were in a superb mood. Don’t let one person determine how you treat others. If someone is rude to you all the time or picks on you, it doesn’t mean you should be rude to other people or even to that person (if you can manage). It’s cliche but true. Rise above it. If you’re too angry to be nice to the person immediately after he offends you, be nice to other people. Stay true to you. Be the great friend you’ve always been, be the good student you’ve always been, be the polite coworker you’ve always been. Do not let anyone take control over your your emotions and reactions because at the end of the day, YOU will lose friends and ruin your good reputation. 
   Guess who took some photos this week? Me. Here are some of my favorites.

Photo by Christina

You can guess who my muse was today 😉
       I plan to have a great Sunday as well. The motto for this weekend is: ”Be productive”. I hope you all have a productive weekend where you stay true to your fab selves! Thank you for stopping by! And leave comments or follow the blog once in a while 😉 xx