Hi guys!

        How did your week go? Better than mine I hope. School went quite well this week. The highlight of my week was definitely my microbiology teacher. Very amusing fellow. In his early 70’s, I think. Everything reminds him of an experience he’s had, that’s the beautiful thing about being old- you’ve seen it all. He is quite well traveled and funny in an old mischievous kinda way. Honestly was riveted by his lectures, although I admit I spent a few minutes calculating his age after he said that he had graduated from our university in 1964. My first therapy class was also really good. I learnt such a huge amount of stuff about how a hospital works and general protocol. Proper learning will commence next week though, so I wasted a lot of precious time this week and time did seem to fly by with all the 8am to 4:25pm classes. But, so far, so good.
       This week was also really sad for me. Two people I care about died. One of them was a young woman who had been married four years at most. She had two children, one of whom is a three month old. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor after she had her second child. And she died at the end of January. I know a lot people say stuff like this, but I saw this woman, pregnant and healthy this past summer, she rode in our car once while I was home and she visited my family with her husband who will now care for their two children. I can still hear her laugh. How is she now buried, six feet deep somewhere? After my mum told me about her death, I couldn’t stop thinking of just how fleeting life is. I believe in the hope of a resurrection as written in the bible, but it still hurts now anyway and I cannot imagine how her husband, parents and siblings are coping.
         So, I am GRATEFUL. This raises other feelings though. I feel guilty. Guilty that I live and breathe, and eat and hear the voices of those I love and guilty that I can hear good music. Guilty that my entire family, my parents, brother and extended family are alive and well. Is this what survivors guilt is? I’m stuck. I’m stuck in this place between thankfulness and guilt and I’m hoping I get out soon. So I can live and breathe and actually live. So I believe that this life isn’t all there is. It can not be. I’m waiting for the real life the bible promises. I don’t want to leave on a sad note people, so let’s make something good out of this and remember to thank our maker everyday for all the mundane things we take for granted– life, waking up, sight, taste, family, health, money, everything-, constantly remind our loved ones how much we love them  and lets us pray that He strengthens all who don’t have all those liberties. Remember not to weep as those who have no hope- 1st Thessalonians 4:13.
         Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave your comments, I’d love to know what you think! Have a fab week xx
P.S My song of the week Colton Dixon- I’ll Be the light (Its Amaaazing)