Back To School

Hi guys!
So.. the party’s over, and its time to return to that super busy lifestyle- Late nights with the loving thickly bound textbooks, living on quickly prepared meals, five hours (or less) of sleep- oh the joy!
Anyway, I’ll stop whining now. I did after all have a great holiday and I feel well rested and I think I have gained enough weight to have some disposable fat (joke). Well, I know this may sound weird but I am a little  excited about going back to school. New courses mean more interesting stuff to learn about the human body and it also means one semester closer to completing medical school, so its really not a bad deal if you ask me. PLUS, I start visiting the hospital, taking surgery classes (more like watching surgeries)- more work, but exciting (to me anyway).
I spent the last few days of my two week break just relaxing and being a slob. Eating four times a day, sleeping ten hours a day and drinking a lot of milkshakes. You can’t blame me, just recharging my batteries. I did spend about two minutes trying to remember the cause of fatty liver disease from my biochemistry because I’m scared a two week break may have decomposed all my knowledge and then I just decided to enjoy the process while it lasted. It’s one of the new things I’m learning to do ”slow down and smell the roses”. You know, be a little patient, enjoy every stage of every thing. Don’t be in too much of a rush to do everything. Listen carefully, take your time eating (prevents indigestion), don’t talk too fast, don’t skip pages while you’re reading that book. All that stuff works better when you’re not a medical student though or your life isn’t too busy, so when you do get time to unwind, soak it all up and enjoy it!.. Savor the moment.
I hope to still hang out here as much as I can, give you guys the highlights of my week and tell y’all what the hospital is like. I’m looking forward to it. I hope you all are too. Sorry guys, the pictures may be a bit a bit boring today as  I spent most of my time chilling at the mall and stuffing my face with food. P.S I discovered you can also fry bread in butter as opposed to actually frying it. ( I’m probably the last to find out, but allow me bask in my new found knowledge and if you didn’t know, then you learned something new! :)). AND, I changed my URL name (is that what it’s called?) its now :D. Thank you all who drop by to check on my little blog, I really appreciate it, it means a lot to know I’m not writing my thoughts (my very random thoughts) and posting pictures for nothing. And don’t be shy to leave comments down below, I’d love to know what you think. Now the pictures (FINALLY!)

One of those incredibly filling breakfasts
The snow hasn’t let up still
Camera time is happy time
I was bored, allow me
The one time I went out

Did y’all notice I have braids on? A nice young lady had them done for me.
Thanks for stopping by. Till Later. Have a fab week! xx