Memoirs of a Good Weekend

   Hello beautiful people! How are y’all doing today? In case you haven’t noticed, someone is in a fab mood today ^_^. I had a great weekend- good food, good people, great stuff (nasty weather though). I’ll give you the highlights.. mostly. The weekend started on Thursday for me, visited some friends who live an hour away from my city. It was snowing cats and dogs! but I got there in one piece. We did our manicure 😀 and made some delish pizza 😀 and caught up on life and American Idol. There were a lot of laughs about Nicki Minaj’s Nicknaming. Got back home Friday evening and caught up with my friends at Seattle Grace Hospital ( Its from a TV show- Grey’s Anatomy).
     I had movie night Saturday, finally saw Life of Pi. Beautiful visuals. Loved the Bengal tiger, I can’t wait till animals and humans get to live together (Isaiah 65:25). Then that mind boggling ending (SPOILER ALERT), I do not want to believe that Richard Parker was his way of blocking what really happened. I actually stayed up all night picturing his second story where the Zebra was the sailor, the orangutan his mother, the hyena the cook and he, the Bengal tiger. I’d rather believe that it was just him and the animals on the boat. Well, if you haven’t seen Life of Pi, you should, its really good and then you’d understand all his rambling better. Ohh and I watched the Togo-Algeria match with some friends, I thought it was a bit slow, hopefully as the competition progresses, we’ll get more action. But it was still great!
   I learned an important lesson about forgiveness this weekend too. Its important, for your health, your peace of mind and your relationship with God. I know this might sound cliche, but someone you haven’t forgiven has control over you and I don’t know about you but I like to have control over myself and not have the mere sight of someone piss me off every time. I’d rather be indifferent *shrugs*. Also, one question, I’d like to know your opinion (if anyone’s reading this, lol) sound off in the comments below ”Do you think looking back at the past is healthy?” I think its got pros and cons, like it helps you see how much you’ve grown and how much you’ve been blessed and how much you’ve learned from life. It can also be unhealthy, if you let the past obstruct your future kinda like looking at the rear view mirror too often while driving and neglecting looking ahead. I’d really like to know what y’all think.
And now, the best part, 🙂 PHOTOS! Enjoy!
Its winter wonderland
Outside my window
Pizza in the making
All done! Homemade Pizza
One of my slices 😉
Persian all the wayy 🙂
   Have a FAB week xx