I stir on my bed
Lifting my eyelids still heavy with sleep
I feel on my flesh
The cool breeze of morning

The stillness of dawn
The birds seem to still be asleep
Humans still slumber
I hear the silence

”Bringer” of second chances, new beginnings
A new day has come
I soak in the feeling

And now, on the horizon
I see the ”orangeness” of sunrise
I feel brand new

Anyone who knows me knows I like morning time for  its silence, peace and serenity. I really haven’t had much time to appreciate my mornings lately because I’m always dashing out early in the morning, hurrying to make it to my classes in time. So, this is like a tribute to mornings. :). I also haven’t been on this blog for ages… But i’m back ( I think ). Ohh and I have some good news.. I now sorta blog for a website owned by some students in my university (Yayy me.!). I’d like you all to check it out —>> The latest post is by yours truly. :D.