Things I Learned These Past Weeks.

            Hey y’all!!! I know, I know. Its been weeks. I did not forget my blog. So much has been happening between visa stuff, my lack of internet and yes I do confess to laziness to type (I hate typing!). Oh and my hatred for MTN. The idiots (forgive my language) refused to allow me make phone calls or text or tweet!- Nothing at all. :(. Plus they have just been stealing my credit. Mschewww. Anyway, forgive my deviation. Basically, too much has gone on (a lot sha)… So I decided to pack it all into one post. This post is just all the stuff I’ve learned from my recent experiences *wipes sweat*. You may know some of these things or you might have even learned some of ’em yourself but, there’s love in sharing. Hehe… so I’mma share mine.
– Expectation Postponed Is Making The Heart Sick: This is from Proverbs 13:12. It is sooo true! I experienced this while waiting for my visa. It was supposed to arrive Friday two weeks ago. After waiting the first two weeks, I got a call that it was gonna come Tuesday not Friday. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. :((. So I did what I do when I’m depressed- SLEEP. I slept myself into a migraine. *sigh* Omo! I had to change plans. Stop the excess sleep and just enjoy my last days in Nigeria. :). I did get my visa though! YAY!!! 😀 . Thank God.
   Lesson Learnt? : Never let yourself be crushed by disappointment especially about stuff you can’t change.
-Distance Is Powerful: This was actually a very shocking revelation. I mean, I always knew that long distance stuff is never easy. But in my mind, I kinda assumed that’s when you may not love someone enough, but guess what? I was wrong :(. Long distance is ALWAYS a bummer. For friends, family and anyone you genuinely care about who’s away from you. I realized this last two weeks when two really close friends (yes I said two friends.. ask no questions! :p) were slowly growing apart. Well the great part is that they noticed and are slowly getting back on track. Distance either makes us miss people terribly or sadly just forget ’em.
   Lesson Learnt? : It’s amazing what distance can do to our relationships. But as long as there’s life,..and internet ;), there’s hope.  (Just make sure MTN is not your service provider).
 -Life always goes on: Sadly/fortunately, depending on whether you’re the ”forgotten” or the ”forgetting” one. Almost no one is irreplaceable unless we want ’em to be. It does not make us evil, but the truth is we can forget almost anyone… ALMOST!. Some people are simply unforgettable. They make such a difference/impact in our lives, we just cannot forget them. :). Some others just aren’t unforgettable :-|. And some other others are just pros at forgetting people *sigh*. Then some other other others (yes, I said that B-|) remember you but NEVER call or text or try to keep in touch at all! *side eye*. I’m deviating again… Issokay.
 -Most Times In A Friendship, there’s The Losing Friend and The Winning Friend: Okay, just read my explanation. Friendship is always a win-win situation, of course. But by my choice of words, what I’m trying to imply is that in most friendships (90%), there is that one friend who always checks up on the other(s). In large friendship groups, that friend holds the group together.. in other words is the ‘glue’. It’s not always rosy being this friend, hence the term ”losing”. However, this makes ’em the better friend. Despite this, we should learn to understand that everyone is not the same. Thus, we should be happy with whatever the other party brings (I don’t mean you should settle oh!) as long as they’re always there when you need them :).
            There you have ’em! Four things I’ve learned. I hope y’all have learned too. I want to thank all of you who’ve retweeted, commented, criticized, commended or sadly just read( yes I know you peepo *side eye*). I appreciate all of you :). Please make the best of lessons learned.
P.S I believe this is my longest post so far **dancing**. So I hope it was worth the wait! 😀