Behind The Titanium

             Most of you know the ‘Titanium’ song by David Guetta. I do not know how many times I have listened to that song… I love it! I totally love the strength it gives me. I think David Guetta is a genius. So why the title of this post?. Okay, its like this… One night I was playing ‘Titanium’ and for some reason, I started thinking about this Mexican soap opera ”Rafaela”. Its basically about two people who like each other and are putting up strong fronts to say otherwise. I don’t know if there’s a relationship, but titanium can pretty much describe the girl’s exterior in ”Rafaela”. However, she’s all warm and mushy inside.
            What exactly is ‘Titanium’ to me? Personally, a person who says ” I Am Titanium”, to me should be just as the song says…and then some more, especially when people ”shoot you down” or say hurtful things about you to try to ”cut you down”. However, I just want to add that being ”Titanium” does not mean that you close yourself to love or build walls around yourself. It means that you are ”Titanium” enough to allow yourself to love and to be loved and to trust and be trusted because as my friend (I’d like to think of her as my friend :)) Sonia would say, ”If you get hurt, its only pain and there’s no gain without pain”. (Thank you Sonia).
            I have just one problem with that song. A part/line/phrase of it that says :
                                                        ”I have nothing to lose”.
What exactly does this mean? Usually, having nothing to lose is not a good thing. It means you have nothing to be ”Titanium” for! #justsaying. Anyhow sha, I love the song! ^_^. Please, let us all try to be somewhat ”Titanium”. Let us not ‘pretend’ to be ”Titanium” and cry at night because of something someone said or even allow ourselves to become upset by something someone does. I know, I know…  It’s easier said than done (even for me) but it’s not totally impossible. I know many ”Titaniums” 😉

                                         I        AM        TITANIUM!!!!… 🙂

(P.S If you haven’t,PLEASE listen to ”Titanium” by David Guetta feat. Sia ( This makes a lot more sense  after you have)