The Thing About Love Songs

I’m sure we’ve all wondered what it is about love songs. They have the power to make us feel. Somehow, listening to Celine Dion, Adele (I started listening to her oh) or even some of Beyonce’s songs or Westlife, sha any love song can either make you sad, happy, sad or just lonley.
After careful thought and analysis (by yours truly..hehe), I was able to figure out three reasons why love songs appeal to us:
– Love songs sympathize with us: They help us wallow in our loneliness. A friend of mine once said that love songs make people even more melancholy. However, we seem to feel better after such sadness from certain songs, probably because we have been helped to deal with our grief/sadness. We have been given some kind of therapy… a wallow partner.
– We can relate to them: The joy of first love and the pain of first heartbreak are surely not foreign to us. Hence when we listen to songs that talk about these things, we can simply relate to them and we are thus happy to sing along or just listen.
– They bring us hope that love still exists: When we hear/listen to love crooners tell us the beauty of falling in love, we just can’t wait to ‘fall’ just so we can experience the phenomenon. As humans, we all like to believe that love exists because we are made in God’s image and God is Love.
I wrote this piece because many of us believe in love for the wrong reasons. Granted, we all love our celebrity couples (myself included), but the response to the rumor that Will and Jada Smith had split a few days ago was really saddening. Its amazing to think that some people believed that if the rumor was true, then love is dead :O. Like seriously????. GOD IS LOVE, and love continues to exist until He is no more which will NEVER happen!!!!. We all need to sit back and contemplate our reasons for believing in stuff.
My point? Believe in Love, BUT for the right reasons.