My Mother

                       I don’t know what this is supposed to be yet. A poem, an essay… I guess it will be a different thing to everyone who reads this. But it might end up being a mini-biography of the woman who has made and is making the greatest impact in my life, one of my best friends…my role model.
                      I’m not going to tell you her year of birth. However she is in her early forties. She grew up with very strict parents and worked with her family on their farm in the village where she grew up. My mum will tell you any day that she is a village woman and she’s not ashamed of that (trust me she isn’t anymore…lol). Yes, that’s how she is-blunt. She went to a Federal Government college in Benue state and studied micro-biology in the University of Port harcourt. She married my dear father in 1994 and I was born the next year. My brother was born in 1998. She always wanted more children though…but as she says…”they never came”.
                     My mother is one of the kindest women you’ll ever meet. I hope I can touch 1/4th of the lives she has touched so far in her beautiful life. M y father would tell you that if there is anything he is very sure of, it is his wife’s love and support for him. She’s kind of annoying to us kids especially when she says ”don’t wear that” or ”don’t go out today” or when she gives you a long to-do list of chores…lol. But we are sure of her love and I love her most of the time…lol. Did I mention that she gives the best advice? Yeah, she does.
                                                      SHE’S MY MUMMY!!! 🙂
                    The aim of this blog is not to say I have the best mother in the world (even though I do :p), because there are many great mums out there. It’s to let y’all know where I come from and of course for you guys who don’t, to appreciate your mothers and to tell them so!. Always remember that they are humans like you and of course they’ll make mistakes. But in the end no woman could ever hate her own child– They love you!!!


This is for my mother Mrs Chido Stella Eme- Umesi.