The Devil In My Home

                                                       He chases me in the fields
                                                       In the market,…
                                                       With all my vital force, I run in fright!
                                                       Faster than even my legs can carry me

                                                       Panting… Panting… Panting
                                                       I see my home
                                                       Sweet relief fills my soul
                                                       I slam my door shut… BANG!!

                                                       The cool breeze of peace…
                                                       Overwhelming security…
                                                       Calm engulfs me!
                                                       I exhale…

                                                      Turning away from the door
                                                      Alas! There he is! The devil himself!
                                                      Struggling now I am
                                                      To leave my own home…

                                                      But trapped I am…
                                                      I charge towards him!!!
                                                      With the power the greater one gives
                                                      And to my greatest thrill… I am a conqueror!

                                                                            By Eme – Umesi Afoma

This is for Nnamdi (about you know who)…:)