Friends With Benefits

               When I thought of my next post, many ideas popped into my head. This topic won over the rest because… its really gaining popularity and thinking now, I’ve never really expressed my opinion on it. Well, this is it. And just so you know, this is one person’s opinion. :),
               Most of you reading this already know what ‘friends with benefits’ means. However, for those of you who don’t (which would be strange :/), its basically, two people in a relationship in which they are friends but with the added ‘privilege’ of being able to do ‘stuff’ (you know what I mean jor!) with no strings attached. I’ve done my best to explain. If you still don’t get it, then as T-pain said in ‘kiss kiss’ – ‘you just aint gettin’ it!!! :p.
              Okay, people who are, have been, or plan to be ‘friends with benefits’ will tell you that ‘it’s cool’ ,’it’s commitment-free’, ‘it’s sweet’ …bla bla bla… Its probably true…for them. Me?? I believe in commitment !! because believe it or not, one person is bound to get attached AND hurt at the end of the day. Besides that, don’t you even value your friendship with the other person enough to be commited if you do have a relationship? (food for thought).
             Well, like I said, its just my opinion. I believe in commitment, LOVE, friendship. I also believe that all three should be respected and extolled. I love my friends, male and female and I wouldn’t joke with their feelings WITH or without their consent!!! I value them too much to want to jeopardize our friendship.

P.S If you love doing friends with benefits, issokay. Just DON’T suggest it to me. You have been warned. Hehe.