My Neighbor

She is the twin of trouble
They possess identical features
She personifies nosy
The queen of gossip she is
She knows EVERYONE
Befriends all
Hers is a sad story

Her children,
Gluttons and ‘walk-abouts’ is what they have become
Her husband,
Like her he has become
A fool for all seasons.
Oh what a home she has!
In great need of prayers…

Her tales fill the streets
The older women regard her with deep scorn
Knowledge of her ways is an open secret
Whispers here… Whispers there
Some pray for change
Some pray she pays for her crime against womanhood
But she remains stupid, ignorant of her crime…

She is my neighbor
A disgrace to womanhood
Source of shame to her generation
What do I pray for??
I only hope it’s not too late…
At least for her innocent children.